SAND RUBIES - Return of the living dead

SAND RUBIES Return of the living dead cd 1998 320 kbps
Turn off your stereo° / Misery° / Undone again° / The loner°/ Mary / Primevil love / Paper thin line* / Stranger in town / Cut you out / Can't put your arms around a memory.
Produced by R. Hopkins & D. Slutes except* by W. Watchel.
Sand Rubies : R. Hopkins : guitars / D. Slutes : vocals / M. Perrodin : bass / R. Johnson : bass on ° / B. Halper : drums.
The Sand Rubies evolved from an Arizona group called the Sidewinders, an outfit that had already put out three albums with Rich Hopkins on guitar and David Slutes as vocalist. The name change came about because of legal difficulties, but they went on to ink a deal with Mammoth Records in 1988. A showcase followed in New York, resulting in a deal with RCA. Due to little promotional backing from RCA, the Sand Rubies moved on to Ensign/Chrysalis during the early 1990s. Unfortunately, when EMI took over Chrysalis, the band was left out in the cold. Soon the Sand Rubies again had a new deal, this time with Atlas/PolyGram. At one time, Pearl Jam was the band's opening act. But the frustrations of continually having to find a new label tested band members resolve and resulted in tempers that were sometimes short. Infighting between Hopkins and Slutes led to even shakier times in 1993, and band members went their own ways. Three years later the two feuding musicians seemed to have buried the hatchet and they reunited with drummer Bruce Halper and bass player Mark Perrodin. Hopkins also has a solo career and play with Luminarios.

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Sand Rubies: "Return of the living dead" 320 kbps + covers

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thanks a lot! I was looking weeks for tis. Awesome!

Anonyme a dit…

thanks a lot! I was looking for this for weeks! Awesome!