THE INMATES - Shot in the dark

THE INMATES Shot in the dark cd (japanese version with lyrics) 1980 320 kbps
Talk talk / Tell me what's wrong / So much in love / Stop it baby / Waiting game / Crime don't pay / Feelin' good / (I thought I heard a ) Heartbeat / Why when the love has gone ? / Sweet rain / I can't make up my mind / Show you my way / Some kinda wonderful.
Produced by Vic Maile.
The Inmates : Peter Gunn : lead guitar , vocals / Bill Hurley : vocals / Ben Donnelly : bass guitar / Tony Oliver : rhythm guitar / Jim Russell : drums.
The Inmates were formed in North London in 1977 and soon established themselves as one of the capital’s most popular live groups. Their influences included The Animals, The Pretty Things and The Rolling Stones. They arrived at the tail end of the pub-rock movement, but still managed to find success with their mix of originals and covers of classic R&B and Rock & Roll tunes. Of the latter, a version of the Standells' "Dirty Water," included on the band's 1979 debut First Offence, became a hit on both sides of the Atlantic. Capitalising on chart success throughout Europe & North America, the early Eighties saw the band confirm their international status with "Shot in the dark".

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THE INMATES "Shot in dark" 320 kbps + covers

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