THE PINK FAIRIES - Kill'em & eat'em

THE PINK FAIRIES Kill'em and eat'em cd 1987 Demon 320 kbps
Broken statue / Fear of love / Undercover of confusion / Waiting for the ice cream to melt / Taking L.S.D. / White girl on amphetamine / Seeing double / Fool about you / Bad attitude / I might be lying / Between the lines* / Spoiling for a fight* .
Produced by Barry Farmer
The Pink Fairies : Larry Wallis : guitar ,vocals / Andy Colqhoun : guitar , vocals / Duncan "Headless" Sanderson : bass / Twink : drums , vocals / Russell Hunter : drums
The excessive, drug-fueled Pink Fairies grew out of the Deviants, a loose-knit band formed in 1967 by members of the West London hippie commune Ladbroke Grove. Initially dubbed the Social Deviants and consisting primarily of vocalist Mick Farren, guitarist Paul Rudolph, bassist Duncan Sanderson and drummer Russell Hunter, the group also featured satellite members Marc Bolan, Steve Peregrine Took and players from the band Group X, later rechristened Hawkwind. After three noisy, psychedelic albums and a U.S. tour, Farren exited to become a music journalist; the remaining Deviants returned to London, where they recruited vocalist and former Pretty Things drummer Twink (born John Alder), who suggested the name Pink Fairies. Despite gaining a reputation for mythic debauchery, the group remained largely an underground sensation before signing to Polydor and issuing their 1971 debut "Never Never Land", a manic, decadent album featuring the live staples "Do It" and "Uncle Harry's Last Freak Out."

Shortly after the record's release Twink departed, and the Pink Fairies continued on as a trio for 1972's "What a Bunch of Sweeties" ; recorded with assistance from the Move's Trevor Burton , the album reached the Top 50 on the U.K. charts, and was the group's most commercially successful effort. Soon, Rudolph exited to become a full-time member of Hawkwind, and was replaced by UFO's Larry Wallis for
1973's hard-rock excursion "Kings of Oblivion". Twink rejoined the Pink
Fairies' ranks a short time later, but the group nonetheless disbanded before the end of the year. In 1975, the Kings of Oblivion-era line-up reunited for a one-off London gig; an enthusiastic response led to the official reformation of the nucleus of Rudolph, Sanderson and Hunter, who added former Chilli Willi and the Red Hot Peppers vocalist Martin Stone before again . They toured and released the single "Between the lines"/"Spoiling for a Fight" on Stiff Records but with little interest being shown in them, they once again split up in 1977. A decade later, the original line-up -- minus Rudolph, but including Wallis -- reunited for the album "Kill 'Em and Eat 'Em" before calling it quits yet one more time.

*Bonus tracks : Stiff single BUY2( 1976) : Russel Hunter (drums), Duncan Sanderson (bass, vocals), Larry Wallis (guitar, vocals), Martin Stone (guitar).

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THE PINK FAIRIES "Kill'em and eat'em" 320 kps + covers.

The 2nd scan (of the post)is the cover of a bootleg tape bought in Bangkok ,Thaïland . In 1990 you could find many tapes from a lot of bands (some very underground) in the Bangkok markets! In these times it's was a paradise for people addicted to ... rock !
Enjoy it & leave (non anonymous , PLEASE...) comments if you like it !!!

Anonyme a dit…

thanks a lot...much appreciated Larry Wallis and Co rocks.
Best Dan.

Anonyme a dit…

addicted to ROCK ?
just PLAY @ MAX !!!
thanks Mr M.R.

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Thx Rambler, d*mn great post :-)

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muchas gracias por el disco

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks very much, just as my original vinyl copy was dying, and with the Stiff single at 320 kbs, the best reason for blogs, the conservation issue of deleted music and you saved some here, let hope they reissue it on CD again. First seen them preform this album and line-up at the Robert Calvert Memorial Concert at the Brixton Academy in 1989 on Sunday, 5th March still got the ticket for a memento, sad occasion, amazing all day gig, Love your blog, total respect and keep it up, all de best, MARViTYN

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thank you very much