THE LAZY COWGIRLS - The Lazy Cowgirls

THE LAZY COWGIRLS The Lazy Cowgirls lp 1985 Enigma records 320 kbps
Anymore / Rock of Gibraltar / Work / Jungle song / I'm talkin' to you / What are you talkin' bout , baby / Time / Tearful pillows / It hit me / Read that book / Dead stories / Drugs / You're gonna miss me .
Produced by Chris D.
The Lazy Cowgirls : Pat Todd : lead vocals / Doug Phillips : guitar & vocals / Keith Telligman : bass & vocals / Allen Clark : drums & vocals .
Vocalist Pat Todd, guitarist D.D. Weekday (aka Doug Phillips), and bassist Keith Telligman left their hometown of Vincennes, Indiana in 1981 to move to California, hoping to get a rock band off the ground. In 1983, they finally settled on fellow Indiana refugee Allen Clark as a drummer, and began hitting the L.A. club circuit as The Lazy Cowgirls. After countless shows playing to "no one, and people from work" (according to Todd), the band caught the ear of Chris Desjardins (aka Chris D.), former leader of art-punks The Flesh Eaters. Desjardins got the band a deal with Restless Records, and produced their debut LP in 1984. "The Lazy Cowgirls" quite reflect the band's powerhouse live show, and they were soon dropped from the label. After two years of local shows and occasional touring, Bomp Records came to the rescue by releasing the band's second long-player, "Tapping The Source", which came much closer in capturing the fire of their live show on plastic, and merged fifth-gear originals like "Goddamn Bottle" and "Can't You Do Anything Right?" with stripped-down covers of "Justine" and "Heartache." The following year, the newly-founded indie label Sympathy For The Record Industry opened for business with "Radio Cowgirl", a souvenir of the band's high-octane live set at KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara.
Following yet another bout of long touring, the band cut the near-definitive "How It Looks — How It Is" in 1990, but years of hard work with little commercial reward began to take their toll, and at the end of 1991 Telligman and Clark quit the group. The Cowgirls' rhythm section became something of a revolving door for the next few years, and while The Lazy Cowgirls cut a handful of singles and EP's for various small labels, conventional wisdom had it that the band had called it quits. But in 1995, the Cowgirls re-emerged with a new album, the superb "Ragged Soul", and a seemingly stable lineup, with Todd and Weekday now joined by Michael Leigh on rhythm guitar, Ed Huerta on drums, and Leonard Keringer on bass. The band toured the United States and Europe, but 1996 brought more personnel shake-ups, as D.D. Weekday and Ed Huerta both turned in their notices. Bob Deagle signed on as drummer in time for 1997's "A Little Sex and Death", with Eric Chandler sitting in on guitar. By 1999, Michael Leigh had rejoined the band on guitar, and almost 20 years after leaving Indiana, the indefatigable Pat Todd began pushing the The Lazy Cowgirls harder than ever, with the band spending plenty of time on the road and releasing two solid albums on Sympathy within six months of each other, "Rank Outsider" and "Somewhere Down The Line". The live album, "Here and Now: Live" was issued in summer 2001. 2004 found the band recording for a new label, Reservation Records, and releasing their strongest new album in years, the rootsy "I'm Going Out And Get Hurt Tonight". Allmusic
The Lazy Cowgirls may be no more, but their body of work continues to inspire countless rock 'n' roll bands and anyone with an affinity for great music. Pat Todd retired the Lazy Cowgirls in 2003, and this myspace page though not ran by Todd, but maintained with his blessings, will serve as a touchstone for all those enamored with his body of work. Pat Todd continues to make music with the same tireless passion to this day, and his new band PAT TODD & THE RANKOUTSIDERS, are more than worthy of maintaining the legacy that Todd began with the Lazy Cowgirls.
Cd covers by Max !

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THE LAZY COWGIRLS 320 kbps + covers by Mr Maximum Max !

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santa claus return ??


..66 !!

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Excellent album!!

thanks a lot mate!

Happy Holidays

Brandonio! a dit…

Hey I know Allen and his wife Zebra{Hot Damn} It's been a few years since if talked to them,but I know them to be some pretty cool people.They still play and record with one of my guitarist Rick Shaul.Damn It's a small world.

titou a dit…

i was looking for this album for long time ,
thank you very much
2 tracks are missing:Drugs / You're gonna miss me .


Here's a new link for the full lp (tracks 1 to 13 , WITH "Drugs" & "You're gonna miss me") :
Enjoy it & sorry for the mistake !

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thanks for the new link

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Muchas gracias. Tienes un blog maravilloso. Lleno de buenos discos de rock and roll. Thankx - Merci.

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impossible de m'en passer. cet album un tout simplement dingue !!

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Thank you.

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Thanks so much ...

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I haven't listened to Lazy Cowgirls in years, since I lost all my vinyl.

I saw them in Vegas in 2001. They put a lot of the young bands to shame! (Them and the Real Kids, that is!)

Thanks for the post!