THE SAVIORS - Ruby Gloom

THE SAVIORS  Ruby Gloom   7''    2002          
Ruby Gloom / Recipe For Disaster / Where Is Wendy* / Detox Jukebox* / Nightmare Years*.
*bonus tracks
Produced by The Saviors.
The Saviors: Brent Keneagy: bass / Kevin Keneagy: guitar / Brian Morgan: guitar, vocals / Dimitri Monroe: vocals / Zach Schriner: drums.

"Through his earlier incarnations with The Pale Imitations and The Naked Flames, Dimitri Monroe has maintained his allegiance to gritty, authentic and impassioned rock‘n’roll. So, it’s no surprise that on his latest single-backed by his current band The Saviors-Monroe continues this fierce commitment to the ideals of what rock‘n’roll can and should be. Monroe has a fine, hard-edged vocal style that recalls great garage punks such as D-Generation era Jesse Malin or The Real Kid’s John Felice. But he has undeniable songwriting prowess that is all his own. Both “Ruby Gloom” and “Recipe For Disaster” combine catchy melodic hooks with Monroe’s searing brand of punked-out hard rock. Grab a copy of this one now, kids. It looks like Dimitri Monroe is just about the last of the real rock‘n’rollers, and rock‘n’roll needs a shot in the arm now more than ever." D-Filed Magazine
"Led by glam madman Dimitri Monroe, The Saviors are a rock‘n’roll machine fueled with old records of Deadboys and Hanoi Rocks! A-side “Ruby Gloom” would get the Mic Monroe and Andy Mc Coy approval, and if Steve Bator could listen to the B-side “Receipe for disater” he’d probably love to sing along the chorus. This is the real stuff and the only let down about this piece of plastic is that two songs are not enuff for me!" More RAWK pleeze..." Leatherboyz RocknRoll Ezine
"The Saviors are the glam/trash stuporgroup starring semi-legendary rock writer Dimitri Monroe and his old partner-in-crime Brian Morgan. Not content to merely offer you around-the-clock coverage of the band’s highly-impressive demo, we tireless Now Wavers are proud to reveal the details of the band’s fruitful union with the formidable Rapid Pulse Records juggernaut. RPR---America’s favorite rock n’ roll record label---has pressed two of the Saviors’ very finest rock anthems onto one slab of snazzy 7" wax. And the song selection is exquisite, for it shows off both sides of The Saviors’ high-powered punk/hard rock experience. A-side cut “Ruby Gloom” is a melodic, mid-tempo gem chock full of infectiously bleeding lead guitar action. It’s kinda power poppy in a solo Stiv Bators sort of way, and it reveals the late-night-heartbreak, boozed-up-sensitive-poet side of The Saviors. Nice. Flip the record over, though, and you’ll get blasted with “Recipe for Disaster”, a vicious, scorching, guitars-out-the-ass glam-metal screamer that’s all swagger, strut, and earsplitting volume. This is the BAD-ASS ROCK N’ ROLL side of The Saviors, and it kicks old-fashioned butt a la early D Generation or even Guns N’ Roses. So there’s something here for everybody: the anthemic pop song for candy-chewing fags like me, and the steamrolling rawk teeth-kicker for all you hard-assed tattooed motherfuckers who drive your motorcycles too fast and drink your whiskey straight. All in all, another fantastic single from a label that never misses!" Now Wave Zine

"Kinda hard to be objective, since the Saviors are led by none other than long time Sleazegrinder ally and perpetual rock and roll motherfucker Dimitri J Monroe, but even if I hated the cat, I’d still give this one high marks, because it’s a classic. The Saviors sound more like Hanoi Rocks than even Andy and Mike do these days, and the two songs here are constructed with the same ear for classic rock n’ roll hooks as American Heartbreak. Do you dig what I’m saying? This thing just rocks like crazy- especially the glammy “Ruby Gloom”, and if you think Dimitri can’t sing, well, neither could Mike Monroe. The execution is still flawless, and the band is white-hot, and I know it’s probably 15 years too late, but “Saviors” is exactly the right name for this band. I only wish it were true." Sleazegrinder
"Yawn. Lame, lame, rocka rolla garbage. We’re talking black nail polish, track marks, empty fifths of Rebel Yell, cigarette burns, chlamydia... the whole deal. I bet that seeing ‘em live might be even more boring than listening to this record. I hate both of these fucking songs. If they ever show up in your town, sneak into the show, and throw stuff at ‘em. That’s my advice."Horizontal Action #11 (Frankie Dynamite).
Thanks to Brent & Franck !                                                                                                                        

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THE SAVIORS: "Ruby Gloom" 7'' sp + 3 bonus tracks
"...With his new band the Saviors, he's kicked out two original slabs of glam punk that are as fine as any you're ever going to hear: the sad, mid-tempo "Ruby Gloom" and the angrier, blistering "Recipe for Disaster". If any current band can actually save r'n'r, which is doubtful given that it is presently on life support, it could well be the aptly-named Saviors" Jeff (Shredding Paper)
Thanks again to Franck & the Saviors !

Mihaleez a dit…

You rule guys, how many times should I tell it?!!!
I found Dmitri long ago when we had the zine and we were talking about an interview but everything went wrong... I was looking for Saviors stuff for ages, so once again, THANKS!!!

Anonyme a dit…

DIMITRI MONROE !!someone find this recluse and pay any amount to get the rest of his songs available to the public. .i just got this record thanks to the internet.everyone should look for it and hear it.a diamond in the rough that cuts your heart out. rock and roll with soul,the way it should be.

Tuesday Addams a dit…

DIMITRI MONROE !!someone find this recluse and pay any amount to get the rest of his songs available to the public. .i just got this record thanks to the internet.everyone should look for it and hear it.a diamond in the rough that cuts your heart out. rock and roll with soul,the way it should be.

DEE DEE a dit…

Excellent! Many many Thanks.