Please help Pat Todd & The Rankoutsiders by supporting the DOUBLE LP VINYL production and promotion of their current, newest 3rd full length: "14th & Nowhere..." (here)

Why are we doing this? Well, as Pat says, "we want your money", but that ain't all. "14th & Nowhere..." is our third full length album, and we really want to make this release something special. In addition to the CDs we have already produced, we would like to press a run of vinyl - DOUBLE LP with extra songs (if you didn't know it, vinyl- especially a double LP- is very expensive for a band to produce - about half of what we raise will go directly to producing a vinyl release) - this includes the cost of remastering our album for vinyl (not cheap); get some new t-shirts printed up, buttons, merch galore, but most importantly we want to launch a full-on promo assault of this release because we believe it is the best thing we have done as a band and further to that, Pat feels that this is simply the best release he has ever put out (even including the Lazy Cowgirls releases!). We are also trying to raise the dough to help pay off our studio costs (about 1/3 of what we are asking).

But let me stop there- this is assuming you know something about Pat. Here, let me educate you: back in the early 1980's, Pat and the Lazy Cowgirls (henceforth will be referenced to as "the Cowgirls") came out to L.A. from Vincennes, Indiana. Within a few years, the Cowgirls helped to lay the groundwork for the next crucial stage of L.A. Rock 'n' Roll- you can call it "garage rock", "Cow punk", "roots Punk", whatever, but it was intense, powerful, and influential. Here is a link I recommend you check out to read further in Trouser Press, oh yeah, and another one on Grunnen Rocks.

The Cowgirls split in 2004- just time to go separate ways. Nonetheless, Pat is never one to let a good thing go- the man knows where his heart is. So without skipping a beat, Pat formed The Rankoutsiders. In 2005, we released our debut, double CD, "The Outskirts of Your Heart", soon followed in 2007 with "Holdin' Onto Trouble's Hand". Now, we are ready for the next release, "14th & Nowhere" (which incidentally was recorded, as are all our releases, by Earle Mankey, who was not only the original guitarist in Sparks (check out this video!), but has produced and recorded albums with Possum Dixon, The Beach Boys, the Addicts, Concrete Blonde, 20/20, the Lazy Cowgirls and many, more.

NEWSFLASH: This LP will now need to be a DOUBLE LP + EXTRA SONGS!!! Please spread the word - we need your help more than ever. IF we can exceed our goal, we can produce more of these LPs!

Risks and challenges
Ok, so risks? It's rock 'n' roll- it all risk... One of the key things about having a successful release is the ability to promote it. If people don't know you have a new album out, they won't know to buy it. Without the ability to get your release into the right hands, it usually takes a good publicist, a little luck, and a lot of money: two outta three ain't bad. Without the ability to really promote this release, which we firmly believe is our best yet, we may end up making a few hundred new fans, when we know darn well there are thousands more out there. Being discovered twenty years from now is a romantic idea, but it won't get you too far in the here and now...
Also, we are asked continually for a vinyl release. I love vinyl as much as anybody, but guess what? Vinyl is incredibly expensive to produce, at least for a band trying to do it all out of pocket. With your help we can not only really get our music out to the masses, but we can get a hot slab of vinyl with all our tunes into your hands.

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lmelis a dit…

Bought it last month and it's an excellent record. Highly recommended.


I agree with you: it's an excellent record !