BRAND NEW HATE - Sinners & Preachers

Une superbe chanson qui  vous met l'eau à la bouche en attendant le nouvel album !!!

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BRAND NEW HATE "Sinners & Preachers"


Formed in September 2007, Brand New Hate seems to be the ultimate Rock'n Roll combo issued from Saint Etienne (Fr) scene. Formed with members and former members of Plastic Guns, The Clean-Cuts, The Panther Party, Alek Et Ses Ennuis (Canada), this band really wants to bring back the original spirit of Rock'n Roll: wild, fun and unpredictable! The four members of Brand New Hate mix their different influences between glam and garage, or rock'n roll from the 50's to the 70's.

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plus qu a attendre quoi !!!!!!!!!!!

merci de l info Mr MR