THE REAL KIDS - The Real Kids

THE REAL KIDS  The Real Kids  LP/CD  1977 
All Kindsa Girls / Solid Gold (Thru and Thru) / Rave On / Better Be Good / Taxi Boys / Just Like Darts / She's Alright / My Baby's Book / Roberta / Do The Boob / My Way / Reggae Reggae.
The Real Kids: John Felice: lead vocal, guitar, chimes / Billy Borgioli: guitar / Alan Paulino (Alpo): bass, backing vocals / Howard Ferguson: drums, percussion + Mono Man (DMZ): piano on "Roberta"
Produced by Marty Thau & The Real Kids.

In the late '70s through the early '80s, the Real Kids were Boston's original rock & roll slop band. Fronted by John Felice, main songwriter and guiding spirit, the Real Kids ran on equal parts adolescent rivalry, drugs, and as much beer as they could consume. When Felice wanted to tear up a club with his rockin' originals or his favorite rock & roll tunes (equally adept at both), the Kids could be a thing of raw beauty to watch and hear. When Felice wasn't in the mood, he could play pissed-off rock star to the max and the results were desultory at best. This LP, however, catches them early in the ball game, their debut album for the tiny Red Star label with all the great John Felice tunes like "All Kindsa Girls," "Taxi Boys" (which later became the name of an offshoot group that recorded for Dave Pierce's Star Rhythm imprint, the label that also issued the second (or last, depending on how you're keeping score) Real Kids album), "My Baby's Book," and "Better Be Good" along with spirited covers of Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran material just to give you the big picture. Perhaps the Real Kids were just too undisciplined to make it big; maybe the drugs and the booze got in the way of the creativity. Alas, it's an old story, but Felice's reputation over in Europe continues to earn high marks and rumors abound that new material is on the way. In the meantime, check this one out -- close your eyes and you'll swear you've been transported back to the late '70s at CBGB's. Like their name, these guys were for REAL!

Que dire ?
Que c'est un des meilleurs album du rock, au même titre que "L.A.M.F." ou  "Shake Some Action" ?
Que j'en ai usé deux exemplaires ?
Que c'est un disque séminal ?
Que la pochette est magnifique ?
Que la guitare rythmique vous empoigne dès le premier morceau et ne vous lâchera plus jusqu'à la fin !
Que les Real Kids font le meilleur reggae blanc !
Que les reprises de "My way " ( E. Cochran ) ou "Rave on" ( B. Holly ) se confondent avec des originaux comme "My baby's book" ou "Do the boob" !

Cet album n'a pas pris une ride ! Et le rock de Boston, des Lyres à Willie Alexander, des Del Fuegos aux Neighborhoods non plus !!!
Thanks to Max for the artwork!
This post is dedicated to Philippe Martin who introduces me to the Real Kids, 36 years ago...rest in peace, brother!

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi man,

I probably should register a comment under every album I have downloaded, but I use this space as The Real Kids album sums it all up; great songs, great playing (Yes!!) and wonderful attitude. As your whole site does to; most of the stuff I have downloaded I already have on vinyl...in cases..in some cave.. So, thanx to you I can hear them all again, some for the first time in over 20 years.. Thanx again, man



Damià Boscana a dit…

El enlave ya no existe tampoco. Soy un fan absoluto de los Real Kids


THE REAL KIDS: "The Real Kids" LP
1977 CD 1991

Re-uploaded by request!

Anonyme a dit…

merci pour .....
finalement juste pour vous MrMR
juste pour l affichage d une si belle page de rock n roll sur mon ecran
vu d ici c'est juste magnifique
à bientôt


Mynewkindofkick a dit…

On touche là au sacré... une sorte de Graal....intemporel... un des rares disques que je suis certain de toujours réécouter avec le même enthousiasme qu'il y a plus de 30 ans et que dans 30 ans....
Merci à M.Felice à M.R.


C'est exactement ça :un disque intemporel !
Depuis 1977 je l'écoute régulièrement: je l'ai eu dans ma caisse en cassette puis en cd...je n'arrive pas à m'en lasser...je peux rouler des heures dans la nuit porté par la hargne de la voix!

back to the oldies a dit…