THE VICEROYS - Back in the U.S.A.

THE VICEROYS Back in the U.S.A. mini lp 1982 Sounds Interesting Rds 320 kbps
Strange blondes / Two insane / Jailbeat / Dance my life away / Tell me / Breathless / 7 come 11(bonus track).
Produced by Eso Teric.
The Viceroys : C. Keyes : Rhythm guitar / E. Teric : lead guitar, vocals / Sam G. : bass guitar / M. Bannister (RIP): drums.
"Not only their debut mini lp on Sound Interesting Records attract a hard rockin' following for this Buffalo band but their shows with the Blasters, Ventures & the Chesterfield Kings also earned them new fans . The Viceroys' sound is a blend of rockabilly and surf except for the last track (taken from "The rebel kind" compilation also on Sound Interesting records & Lolita
records for France : get it on the PPC blog !) : a pure Yardbirds-styled garage rock ! Source : "The Rebel Kind "
PS : Note that Mike Bannister , the drummer has played with a lot of bands , often with his friend Peter Case . Read what Peter says about him on his pcblog !
Thanks to Max for cleaning the covers !

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THE VICEROYS Back in the USA 320 kbps + covers

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Mike a dit…

Thanks mate..this is a great, great record!


Like your blog Mike ... a lot of very good singles !!!

Dave C a dit…

I'm originally from Buffalo and I remember The Viceroys very well. They were an exceptional live group. Saw them numerous times. I'd forgotten they put out this record. Really looking forward to hearing this. I think they have another song, not on this EP, called "Wrong Way on a One Way Street" that was on a local music comp that was also dynamite. I wish they would have put out more music. Big time thanks for this post!

Anonyme a dit…

Another good one, thanks.