VA - Trash On Demand vol. 3

VA Trash on demand Vol. 3 cd 1999 Ultra Under Rds/Amsterdamned Rds 320 kbps
THE BEAT ANGELS : Liquor pig boyfriend / CRYTAL ECSTASY : Crossroads / THE 440's : Let's go / CUBAN REBEL GIRLS : Dead eyes / THE BULEMICS : Blood orgy / JOE ALCOHOL & THE HONG KONG KNIFE : The passenger / DATE BAIT : She done moved / FREDDY LYNXX : Nancy Queen / THE KILLER DOLLS : Same old way / THE SABREJETS : Wine wine wine / TEXAS TERRI & THE STIFF ONES : If looks could kill / SHAKE APPEAL : Number one / BLACK JESUS : Live forever / THE CROOKS : Be a shock / THE SNATCHERS : Johnny / CHINESE TAKEAWAY : Nothing special / THE COSMIC GOBLINS : Ghost train / BLACK MARKET BABIES : Fucked from the start / JEFF DAHL : You ain't so cool / DAVE KUSWORTH : Sympathy for the devil.
"Hey all you poser punx and miscreants, hold on to you hats and strap yerself in ! Here comes 20 of the hottest, raunchiest, rockinest doses of feral scree out there.
"With The Beat Angels , Phoenix coolest , sleaziest trash rockers. They've been kicked around and abused for ages and just keep getting better. It called "paying dues". This is new and unreleased.
Crystal Ecstasy from Finland who're carrying the Hanoi/Smack torch and doin' a damn sweet job of it . Glampunk deluxe ! This is from a cd-ep which never got outside Scandinavia.
The 440's from Philadelphia : Tatoo'd guitar gal Wendy and the boys are straightup, goodtime trash n burn and bgring to mind R. Birdman on this exclusive cut.
Cuban Rebel Girls : a Berlin allgirl combo. Dig that sexy, hypnotic riff action and smoldering vocals. This track come from their German only cd.
The Bulemics from Texas , kings of beer-swilling venom an' bile punk. Gerry and his band of merry psychos are currently in the midst of a maelstrom of attention that'd make ol' GG proud. Decide for yourself ! This is only available here.
Joe Alcohol & the Hong Kong Knife from Japan . Joe was bassist in the Tokyo Jet Boys , a legendary unit if ever there was one. Here he smokes a classic Iggy tunes in the Shinjuku glampunk fashion. And you ain't gonna find elsewhere..." Source Jeff Dahl (cd booklet)

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