SMACK - State Of Independance

SMACK State Of Independance cd 1988 320kbps
1 Criminal /2 Some Fun /3 Cemetary Walls /4 Good Morning Headache /5 Run Rabbit Run /6 Somewhere Out Of The Day /7 Blank /8 Walkin' On the Wire /9 Stepping Stone /10 Shade Of The Blade /11 Paint It Black /12 Rattlesnake Bite /13 (I Think I'm Gonna) Buy This Town /14 Roses Have Faded /15 Nearby The Hangingtree /16 Black Bird /17 Pass That Bottle (live) /18 Ten Foot Cell (live) /19 Maggie McGill (live) /20 Search And Destroy (live) /21 Wishing Well (live).
Songs originally released on albums "Smack on you", "Rattlesnake bite", "Live desire" and the maxi singles "Walkin' On The Wire" and "Paint It Black".
Smack : Claude : vocals /Manchuria : guitar, vocals / Kinde : drums / Kartsa : guitar, 1-5 / Rane : guitar, vocals, 6-21 / Cheri : bass, 1-16 / Jimi : bass, vocals, 17-21.

Intensely focused, firey, livewire rock and roll with an insolent Finnish accent. Smack effortlessly filtered classic hard rock, garage, psych, glam, and punk sounds through Jim, Ig, Lou, and the Five back in an era when that wasn't at all hip or trendy or safe or bankable. At the time, NO ONE sounded like them. Hard as nails and raw as hell, but somehow hooky and tuneful amid all the ass kicking. The occasional mournful, haunting ballad was more like a funeral dirge. They wore their hearts on their sleeves, while bleeding all over you, your girlfriend, and your bathroom tiles. Smack is the early Rolling Stones to Hanoi Rocks' Beatles. Ugly and tough, but in a very sexy, very cool way. Smack had absolutely nothing in common with the bad-smelling elements of the LA hair-metal scene. Zero cheese factor. -darerock- (Smack Myspace)

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SMACK "State of Independance" 320 kbps + covers

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The kings of dirty sleazy raw scumbag rock leaning more to The Stooges, MC-5, early Sabbath and Alice Cooper. Way ahead of their time. Thanx for sharing SMACK !!!

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I used to have this on vinyl so thank you very much. I saw Smack in L.A. in the midst of the GnR craze and Smack were the real deal. Definitely more into playing their music with heart and soul than posing. Please post more Smack and associated bands! Cheers,

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I fucking love your blog!!
What a collection of "classic" rocknroll you've got. Thanks for existing. I found a little gem you and other fans of this blog will enjoy and frankly I'm surprised this isn't posted more but it's a classic nontheless: PVC Punk Rock Berlin!! Here's the link:

Thank the folks at Pirate-Industry for this essential masterpiece!!