THE SAINTS - All Fools day

THE SAINTS All fools day cd 1986 Mushroom 320 kbps
Just Like Fire Would / First Time / Hymn To Saint Jude / See You In Paradise / Love Or Imagination / Celtic Ballad / Empty Page / Big Hits (On The Underground) / How To Avoid Disaster / Blues On My Mind / Temple Of The Lord / All Fools Day.
Produced by Hugh Jones.
The Saints : C. Bailey : lead vocals, guitars with A. Larriza, R. Burgmann, I. Hay ...

Call this the second coming of the Saints, but the only thing this record has in common with previous Saints recordings is Chris Bailey . Still, it's a sharp, tuneful, and (ahem) mature work that shows Bailey's increasing confidence as a singer and songwriter. One listen to songs as grabbing as "Celtic Ballad" or the great "Just Like Fire Would" (which is kind of a neat pun) will convince you that despite the differences, the new Saints were a good band for completely different reasons than the old Saints. Allmusic

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THE SAINTS "All fools day" 320 kbps +

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Teo a dit…

Chris Bailey is a great vocalist. Thanks. Merci. Gracias.

dz a dit…

thanks for this and all the other Saints stuff.

Dr Faustroll a dit…

Je me rappelle les fines bouches, à l'époque, qui n'avaient sans doute pas assez écouté cet album, et qui, j'espère, en sont revenues par la suite... Les Saints n'ont JAMAIS déparus!

Mille Mercis!

limburg a dit…

Thanks a lot for all those fantastic albums!!!!!!

It´s getting hard to listen to all of them properly.


Anonyme a dit…

bravo rambler
jaunard rock on !

Anonyme a dit…

thanx for this great lp!
have you got the "All Fools Day" version with the bonus tracks?

Anonyme a dit…


maybe 1 up

Anonyme a dit…

thanx but.... the link is dead!