VA - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 2

VA A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 2 cd 2002
Lee's: She Does It Right / Double Stone Washed: If My Baby Quits Me / Shaggy Dogs: You Don't Love Me / Classic & Troubles: Bonie Moronie / Jesus Volt: Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut / Perfect: Eileen / GMT: Violent Love / Chicano Blues: Spy VS Spy / Double Stone Washed: Going Back Home / Little Bob: Riot In Cell Block N°9 / Classic & Troubles: Tanqueray / Shaggy Dogs: The More I Give / Jesus Volt: Walking On The Edge / Boxer: Back In The Night / Chicano Blues: Neighbour Neighbour / GMT: Keep It Out Of Sight / Dogs: Twenty Yards Behind / Lee's: Every Kind Of Vice / Perfect: Milk And Alcohol / Steve Hooker: Talkin' About You.

"...For over 20 years Lee fronted a succession of Feelgood line-ups, dispensing white-hot R&B from stages large and small. He gave it the max every night and like all great performers, the tougher the job, the harder he worked. In the group’s early days, Lee stunned tiny pub audiences with wild antics and a back-to-basics musical approach, incongruous with the hyperbole of progressive rock, then in its heyday. When the Feelgoods made their London debut in 1973, it was frankly touch and go, but the group quickly adapted to the demands of the circuit, building a huge following and smashing attendance records in pubs and clubs.
Lee and guitarist Wilko Johnson had no problem making the transition to larger stages; they simply exaggerated the moves they had honed in the pubs. Wilko recalled, “We got four gigs supporting Hawkwind. We were completely unknown and in Manchester they threw pennies at us. I remember Lee calmly picked up one of the pennies. Then he bit it, and with a mean look, tossed it aside, as if it were a dud. The place erupted. It was a turning point.”

It was the combination of Lee’s cool nonchalance, Wilko’s maniacal careering back and forth and the fastest, most relentless music on the scene that made the Feelgoods a top concert attraction. And when the group enjoyed something of a revival in the late eighties, Lee looked like a giant from the furthest corner of the cavernous Town & Country Club as he took the stage in a powder blue suit, belting out ‘King For A Day’.
Space considerations do not permit a re-telling of the Feelgood legend. Those Uncut readers who saw the group at their mid-Seventies peak know what all the fuss was about whilst younger readers will soon be able to check out the Feelgoods’ "Going Back Home" concert from 1975 on DVD..."
From "Lee Brilleaux - An Officer and a Gentleman" by Will Birch
If you want to read more about Lee, it's here!
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VA - A Tribute To Lee Brilleaux Part. 2
cd 2002

Nick Lowe, producer of two Dr Feelgood albums and co-writer of ‘Milk And Alcohol’, has the last word: “Even back in the seventies, I used to feel a bit thick around Lee. He was so well-read and rounded. The last time I saw him for lunch, we arranged to meet in the French House. He looked like a mediaeval English professor at some red brick university, swathed in tweeds and finishing The Times crossword, which he put away very hurriedly when I arrived. He was pretty focussed that day on things he wasn’t focussed on before. He was always very elegant, but towards the end there was this great knowingness. Lee was a really classy guy. I think about him all the time.”

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Pity that the death of Kurt Cobain the death of Lee overshadowed.

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