THE BOYS - Power Cut

THE BOYS Power Cut cd 1997
See You Later / Kamikaze / Gabrielle / Brickfield Nights / First Time / Sick On You / Heroine / Weekend / Independent Girl / U.s.i. / Little White Lifeline / Schoolgirl / Soda Pressing / I Don't Care.
Produced by J. Cataldo & The Boys.
The Boys: Honest John Plain: guitar & vocals / Campino: lead vocals / Matt Dangerfield: guitar & vocals / Kid Reid: bass & vocals / Casino Steel: piano & vocals.
The Boys made arguably one of the best lps of the 70s with their self-titled first album and provided the template for superior pop punk before even the Buzzcocks had got out of first gear. Formed from the ashes of ’70s glam outfit The Hollywood Brats, the Boys were responsible for four albums and ten singles, several of which were released under the name “The Yobs,” always released just in time for The Christmas season. The track “First Time,” from their debut EP, is a bona fide ‘78 second-wave UK punk classic, amidst such groups as Chelsea, The Undertones, The Lurkers.
Yet for some reason The Boys occupy a neglected position in relation to London’s early Punk scene, probably because they weren’t clothed by Sex or managed by Malcolm McLaren. Being tagged the “Punk Beatles” couldn’t have helped either, and by ‘81 they called it quits.
Plagued by mishaps, bad timing and plain bad luck they managed to keep smiling and come up with corking, hyper-speed pop classics like “Brickfield Nights” and “Rue Morgue”. In short The Boys were a gem of a band and a total inspiration to any Punk band who value tunes over noise.
"Back together at long last for an acoustic run through of some of their best loved songs, this "Unplugged" CD spans The Boys' entire career, from "I Don't Care" and "First Time", right through to "Gabrielle" and "Little White Lifeline", and there's plenty on here to enjoy.
Proving it doesn't have to be loud to be good, the sedate atmosphere gives the songs' subtleties a chance to show through and provides more power to the argument that maybe Casino Steel and Matt Dangerfield really were the Lennon and McCartney of the punk generation after all.
If there is one criticism about this CD, it's that Campino from Die Totenhosen sings most of the lead vocals - purists like myself would much rather hear Matt and Kid. That said, it's probably the case that if it weren't for Campino, the record would never have seen the light of day in the first place, and that would have been a tragedy. "
written by Phil Hanson (Source)
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The Boys: "Power Cut" cd, 1997

"The first new recordings by the original line up of The Boys in over 15 years and featuring Die Toten Hosen frontman - and long time Boys devotee - Campino on lead vocals. Includes updated versions of classics like "Brickfield Nights", "I Don't Care" and "Sick On You""

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ΜΑΝΥ thanks Rambler! I didn't have this one!

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Fantastique! Merci beaucoup, MR!