We received a message from ‘‘Underrated Records’’ and the Biters. They said that their ex-business partner had manipulated everybody and embezzled a lot of money and gone away with. He also changed passwords on their Paypal account, on their joint email account and their web site (Underrated Rds and all the bands on the label). So, don’t send any money and do not trust information on their website. At least, until further notice.
Remember that The Biters, The Booze and all other people at Underrated Rds have nothing to do with that. They are working on getting a lawsuit.
Thank you
I'm still waiting for the Booze "At Maximum Volume" cd and for the Biters lp "It's All Chewed Up OK" paid a few months ago at Underrated Records!!!
All my emails went unanswered...
We are very disappointed because we supported the group and Underrated Rds since the first Biters EP BUT ESPECIALLY we apologize to readers who ordered the lp through the link found here
If like myself (& I know that we are a lot) you have ordered and paid for records at the Underrated Records shop for nothing , leave a comment here !
Midnight Rambler
PS: If you managed to get a copy of the Biters "It's All Chewed Up OK?"
lp or if you saw it "for real" contact us for testify!

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TL a dit…

The Biters have posted a picture of the actual album on their facebook page and have a release party scheduled for May 4th.
This is getting sorted out, and I'm anxiously awaiting my copies to ship to Canada.

Tony / Yeah Right!


Anonyme a dit…





without M. DRUNKER

Anonyme a dit…

R4_TL ????

Billy a dit…

I sent 3 emails myself about The Biters record but never heard from them. I did get a email from paypal a couple of days ago saying my record was in the mail. We'll see.

Anonyme a dit…

The records have been sent to the manager of the Biters almost one month ago.
Don't you think that there's a problem?????
I'd really like to know who have told you that your records will be send? The (ex) manager?
Fabien (for Pop The Balloon Rds)

Chris Damned a dit…

Bien moi j'avais commandé deux EP directement là-bas, après avoir acheté le 7" PTB mais j'ai tout reçu en... CD !!!

Du coup j'ai demandé un remboursement, que j'ai eue mais j'ai gardé les cd's... Pas bien ?

Z'avaient qu'à être plus clairs !
Parfois, nous pauvres acheteurs de vinyles, on nous prend vraiment pour des couillons !

NB : j'ai super apprécié en 7" mais sur la longueur, hum...


@ Billy
Don't forget to tell us, please, if you received the Biters lp.

Anonyme a dit…

@ Chris damned !!
qd lisa sera ca / ca va chier


Billy a dit…

I'll let ya know. It's just a standard paypal form email. Says order was shipped but other than that no other information. Like I said we'll see. Not exactly getting my hopes up.

Anonyme a dit…

I ordered in november via paypal and underrated records. I never got my record or a refund. I sent them many e-mails but never heard back!! I'm so mad! it was over 20.00 to the usa.

Anonyme a dit…

I paid throught paypal for The Booze "at Maximum Volume". A month later i did not received nothing. I wrote to paypal about it and finally they sent back my money and paypal said me that this person was fraudulent. Sorry for my bad english.

Anonyme a dit…

I ordered the album in early January and received nothing. I emailed them and never heard from them either. This week, I received an email via PayPal the album was shipped. We'll see.

Anonyme a dit…

http://www.mediafire.com/?t97931sp5f9p1um from RatBoy69

Rikki St James a dit…

Hey Midnight!! check this story post if you like....http://rikkistjames.blogspot.com/2012/04/new-video-rock-at-its-best-nyc-1977.html Also I am shooting sonny Vincent in May and I will get you some pics and videos too....xRetroK


Hi Rikki
I like the song ! It will be cool if we can hear more ...

TL a dit…

Good news!
Biters records left Atlanta yesterday and are on a fedex truck headed to Yeah Right! in Canada. I'll have these within a week and I'll be shipping pre-orders out right away. If you'd like to order the vinyl, please visit

I don't know where Pop The Balloon is as far as receiving their records.

Tony (Yeah Right!)

PS: check out http://yeahrightrecords.bandcamp.com to listen to my other releases!

Billy a dit…

The record came in the mail today.