THE MAKERS - Psychopathia Sexualis

THE MAKERS Psychopathia sexualis cd 1998 320 kbps
Lover, lover / Sharp leather walkin' shoes / (Are you on the inside or the ouside of your) pants / Love that is strange / Turn up the century / Whiskey dog mind / Vic's mood or Jeffers , I fear the rise of meaningless life / Sicko sexual / God in the palm of my hand / The mystery / Hotel 17 / Psychotropic supergirl / Deliver your disease.
Produced by Jack Endino & M. Maker.
The Makers : Michael : vocals / Jamie : guitar / Donnie : bass / Jay : drums.

Garage punk outfit the Makers formed in Spokane, WA, in 1991, originally assembling frontman M. Maker, his bassist brother D. Maker, guitarists T. Maker & J. Maker, and drummer J. Maker. Famed for their anarchic live dates and for traveling from show to show in a 1965 Pontiac hearse, the group signed to S.F.T.R.I to issue their debut 10" 'Hip Notic'; the exit of J. Maker coincided with a move to the Estrus label for the full-length follow-up, 1993's 'Howl!'. The instrumental EP 'The devil's nine questions' preceded the Makers' second long player, 1994's 'All night riot'; a trashier, more distorted sound distinguished the band's self-titled third LP, with guitarist J. Maker replacing T. Maker for 1997's 'Hunger'. After backing singer A. March on her 'April March sings the songs' album, the Makers resurfaced in 1998 with a new retro-glam approach on the acclaimed 'Psychopathia sexualis', heralding the change by adopting new stage names. The Makers made their Sub Pop label debut with 2000's acclaimed 'Rock star god' and followed it in 2002 with 'Strangest parade'. J. Maker left the group that year to be replaced by J. Chandler and the band parted ways with Sub Pop as well. They soon signed with Kill Rock Stars and in 2004 released 'Stripped', a collection of re-recordings of songs originally put out on Estrus between 1991 and 1998. They also welcomed back guitarist T. Maker (now known as T. Killingworth) expanding the group to a 5-piece for the album. This same line-up released 'Everybody rise!' in the fall of 2005. Allmusic
With new looks and a potent new glam approach, 'Psychopathia Sexualis' is the first of their "mature" efforts, and although it retains much of the crude aggression of 'Hunger' the songs are stronger and more spacious, and the playing more powerful, thanks to guitarist J. Frost, who rocks hard and nasty while simultaneously giving the band a much-needed versatility. M. Shelley sounds more convincing than ever, whether singing a flaming rocker such as "Turn Up the Century" or the sensitive "Love That Is Strange," which features some nice guitar work by J. Frost. "Psychotropic Supergirl" and "Lover Lover" reveal the group's developing melodic sense a skill they would master on 'Rock star god'. Allmusic

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THE MAKERS Psychopathia Sexualis 320 kbps + covers

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