THE CONDORS - Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty

THE CONDORS Tales of Drunkenness and Cruelty cd 1999 320 kbps
Got no reason / I'm not sorry / Listen to me, now / It's later than you think / Drinking myself to sleep / Little reaction.
Produced by S. Refling, T. Fate & the Condors.
The Condors: P. DiPuccio (Pooch) : guitar, vocals, harp / M. McCormick : bass, vocals / J. Nowac : drums, vocals.
The Condors have built a reputation for delivering high-energy rock & roll to the faithful. Pooch, of Flipside Fanzine fame, and formerly in L.A.'s legendary Blow Up, has several solo releases and movie soundtracks to his credit. Before forming the Condors with Pooch, Jay pounded the skins for the bands The Longnecks and Big Wow. New additions D. Soyars & S. Dasgupta bring experience and taste, along with strong backing vocals making them a great addition to the band. Their combination of instrumental prowess and tough, gritty vocals help give the Condors a dynamic live sound. The band is in the midst of playing a series of live dates throughout the Western U.S. and has released their ctitically acclaimed debut CD, "Tales Of Drunkenness And Cruelty", produced by Tony Fate of The Bellrays. Source
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THE CONDORS "Tales of drunkenness and cruelty" 320 kbps + covers

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Skip a dit…

Can't Wait

El Capi a dit…

Awesome. Like the Devil Dogs.

Cheers and beers

dani b a dit…

Thanks, im really diggin this record.

Anonyme a dit…

Any chance of a re-up?

Anyway, thank you for the good music you share with us.