THE THROBS - Proud To Be Loud

THE THROBS  Proud To Be Loud   LP  1986
Here Comes The Night / She's So Pretty / Everybody's Gonna Have a Real Cool Time / I'll Do What I Want / Oh Love / Nuclear Attack / I Was Gonna.
Produced by Roman Zack & The Throbs.
The Throbs: Ron 'Sweetheart' Collie: vocals / Jeff Campbell: guitar, vocals / Peter Lotimer: bass, vocals / Michael Lotimer: drums, vocals.

"Super rare, limited to 500 copies pressed in 1986 on Precision Records. This amazing and elusive glam punk band migrated from Toronto to NYC during the heyday of mid-eighties glam and were instantly adored by punks and headbangers alike for their adrenaline charged, wasted tunes like "Nuclear Attack", "I Do What I Want" and "Here Comes The Night". They signed a deal with Geffen Records and released one quality LP that lacked the vicious bite of this early material before vanishing into the ether." Source

"The Throbs were one of the most promising bands to come out of New York that offered something different to the sound and scene that was happening in Los Angeles in the late eighties. In 1990 after having a handful of offers, the Throbs landed a big name label when they signed to Geffen Records, but just six months after their debut album the Language of Thieves And Vagabonds came out in 1991, the label dropped them. Attempts to carry on without vocalist Ronnie Sweetheart and drummer Ronnie Magri would prove pointless as the soul and essence of the band had been lost - the Throbs were no more. But as Sweetheart reveals in this interview, have we really seen the end of The Throbs? ..." Source
To read the Ronnie 'Sweetheart' interview  it's here!
Thanks to Franck !

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THE THROBS: "Proud To Be Loud" LP 1986

Thanks To Franck !

lostindacity a dit…

Thanks to Brent actually!

lostindacity a dit…

You did an amazing job on the covers my Dear!

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You fuckin'RULE guys! Great share!! I mean, GREAT!!! Thanx!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Just a clarification/correction on a write up. The band on this release never moved to New York, Ron Collie alone did, taking all the remaining records & merchandise that the original band had, and started a new version of the band with totally different members. The original band actually remained together for another year or two, gigging around the Hamilton/Toronto area.

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marvelous Punk...

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