HEALERS - Secret Show

HEALERS  Secret Show  CD/LP  1990
01 Wildfire / 02 Ghosts / 03 Secret Show / 04 Blood / 05 What I Said / 06 Margaret / 07 Goodbye Joe / 08 That's The Way Charlie Goes / 09 Gutterward Angel / 10 It Ain't Me Babe / 11 Dark Country (cd bonus track).
Produced by Healers & Norbert Roth.
Healers: Graig Hallsworth: guitar, vocals / Jim Butterworth: bass, vocals / Miles Hitchcock: drums / Tony Vespoli: guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals / Lorne Clements (tracks 6 to 8): keyboards.
After the the Bamboos' split , Graig Hallsworth went on to form The Healers with Tony Vespoli (lead guitar), Jim Butterworth (bass, vocals) and Miles Hitchcock (drums).The Healers played driving rock'n'roll with Johnny Thunders-inspired lead guitar laid over the top. The band issued two 12-inch EPs, `Wildfire' and `Dark Country' (both 1990), plus the album 'Secret Show' on the Rattlesnake label.

"...There are other drawbacks in Perth as well. Perth is like haunted by the ghost of the Triffids immensely. I would say that true good rock and roll bands, there's only two good true rock and roll bands in the whole of Perth. One of them is the Kryptonics and the other is this band called the Healers, that you'll probably hear about because I think they're going to have a mini album out. The thing about the Healers is that it's Craig Hallsworth from the Bamboos, it's his new band, and they're absolutely great. He's written some fantastic songs, heaps better songs than he wrote in the Bamboos, that's for sure. But nearly all the bands that form here are like acoustic-y sort of arty pop bands or they're like jangly American-style power pop bands, which is really popular in Perth, mainly because of the Stems and the Someloves and bands like that. But the Triffids have had an influence on Perth music which is a real pain in the ass because not a lot of people really dig rock and roll. It's strange, Perth's not a rock and roll town at all. We'll do a gig at one of the best venues in town, and we'll promote it really well, and we get a reasonable crowd, but a lot of them sit on the floor because they're so used to going to see these sort of arty, acoustic sort of acts that they can't rock out to and cut loose, so they come and sit on the floor. But we do a gig and we're up on stage rocking out really loud and there's piles of people sitting on the floor. It's just absolutely stupid...."
Ian Underwood (Kryptonics, etc) interview by Steve Gardner in Noise For Heroes
Thanks to Mr D. !

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HEALERS: "Secret Show" CD/LP 1990
Rattlesnake Records

Thanks to Mr D.!

lmelis a dit…

A big thanks for the Healers. I'll also revisit your "Rarer than Rocking Horse Shit" post since I had a hard disc failure and lost the files. Thanks god, rapidshare links are still active. It will take me ages to download, but it's worth it.

Keep on rockin'

Anonyme a dit…

Yep ! Très bon, cet album des HEALERS ! A quand les KRYPTONICS désormais ??

Anonyme a dit…

merci pour le partage MIDNIGHT RAMBLER

vous devez avoir une belle collection de disque


Celui-là c'est Mr D. qui nous le propose !

limburg a dit…

I'm dancing with MR.D!!!!

Great Record!!!! It took me a while to listen it but it's worthy.

Thanks a lot Mr. Rambler and Mr. D!!!!!