THE YES-MEN - The Yes-Men

THE YES-MEN The Yes-Men cd 2004
Brimming / The Great Charade / 4 Walls / Devil's Right Hand / Lion's Share / 366 Days / Swept Back / Leaving / Did You No Wrong / The Danger Has Begun.
Produced by Sean Greenway.
The Yes-Men: S. Greenway: vocals, guitar (R.I.P) / S. Cunningham: guitar / J. Curley & T. Blizzard: bass / M. Hurst & M. Whittle: drums.
The Yes-Men held the greatest promise of any band in the last 10 years of Australian rock and roll. But their history was tragically interrupted in January 2001 by leader and founder Sean Greenway's death. It was mocking destiny. Shortly before, the band had begun to collect their first international appreciation thanks to an album, "Prosody" (on White Jazz Records), that showed their great skills in writing rough and soulful songs.
By way of the pen of Sean Greenway (God, Freeloaders) and the guitar of his partner-in-crime Stewart "Leadfinger" Cunningham (already a player with history under his belt after stints with Proton Energy Pills, Brother Brick, Asteroid B-612 and Challenger 7), they represented the best guarantee for a vibrating and powerful sound, influenced by Sonic' s Rendezvous Band and hi-energy rock' n' roll. They were also part of that incredible chain that has been Aussie underground rock during the last 30 years.
At the moment of Sean's passing, the Yes-Men had already prepared several tracks for a new LP, while others stayed recorded on private tapes. It took several years - thanks to the stubborness of "Leadfinger" - to compile and make them available on a record.
"The Yes-Men" is not only Stew’s homage to a musical friend but a labour of love for rock' n' roll. The same love that Greenway put in every of his songs and that today comes out from every single note of this CD.
There are11 unreleased songs, recorded by various line-ups between 1995 and 2000, but with a common denominator: a burning passion for rock'n'roll. Exactly what 90 percent of new bands lack today. This is the reason why "The Yes-Men" is a highly-recommended record. To find passionate and vibrant music like this, is rare. And it doesn't matter if the band does not exist anymore.
Try putting on the opener "Brimming", the guitar fury of "The Great Charade" and "Swept Back", the intense "366 Days" or the splendid "The Danger Has Begun", and you will find yourself wrapped in a rock 'n' roll vortex from which it is impossible to exit. The Yes-Men are not with us anymore, but their music still explodes today, like five years ago. Don't miss out on making this record yours for any reason.R.Calabro - I-94 Bar
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THE YES-MEN "The Yes-Men" cd, 2004

THE YES-MEN were the band led by Sean Greenway (God) and Stewart Cunningham (Leadfinger, Proton Energy Pills, Brother Brick, Asteroid B612, etc) in the late 90s in Australia...stay tuned for more!

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excellent post Midnight Rambler.

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some great songs with stewart cunningham on guitar


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This is just fantastic!!!!!!

I did not know that this CD existed!!!

Merci beaucoup (aussi pour le 1er Dum Dum Boys and pour les Screaming Stukas)

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Wow! Brilliant! Thank you, MR! More, please! Any Powder Monkeys, by chance?


Powder Monkeys ?
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Wow! Can't wait! Thanks, Midnight Rambler!That will be to celebrate the defeat of the evil gnome Sarkozy!

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