LITTLE BOB - One Story Vol. 1

LITTLE BOB One Story Vol. 1 (Unreleased Songs & New Versions From 1976 To 1998) cd 1999
Turn The Page / How Can We Stand The Look / This Must Be The Time / Jimmy Tramp / Mary She's Gone / Run You Off The Hill / Switchblade Julie / The Fever / Too Hot To Handle / The Brokenhearted Boy / Hurt So Badly / Shooga-Shooga / She's A Heartbreaker / You've Lost That Loving Feeling / Too Young To Love Me / Then Remember / Oh Suzy / You'll Be Mine.
Produced by Little Bob.
Little Bob: vocals / G. Mallet, O. Durand, S. Hendrix & G. G. Gremy: guitars & backing vocals / N. Noël: keyboards & backing vocals / J. Drouin: keyboards / B. Couloume, F. Gehin, D. "Barbe Noire" Lelan: bass & backing vocals / N. Garotin: drums & backing vocals / V. Rebibo, M. Quertier: drums / Guests: B. Jo Scott: vocals / P. Mikaëlian: harmonica / C. Langlois: pedal steel guitar / S. Tyla: vocals / J. Buffet: guitar / J-M. Bouzonnie: backing vocals.
Bob's been at it for a while, playing every armpit France has to offer with his legendary band called Little Bob Story, Bob even ventured to England (300 gigs) attracting the "gunslingers" of British rock critics, opening" the road as he traveled it, playing all around Europe, singing on every single stage on this road from Irish pubs to Hells Angels bars, from Universities to big Festivals. Literally setting venues on fire! Touring as if the fate of the free world depended on it.
Today, Little Bob leads a new band (since 11 years), released 4 solo's albums, and his rock has changed. His music is drawing deeper into the roots of blues. A mixed up of tribal rock with burning emotion and powerful feeling.
The greatest have always considered Bob as one of their own. Recording with Steve Hunter (Mytch Ryder, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper...), Charlie Sexton (the Texas Boy Wonder), Kenny Margolis (of Mink Deville and Cracker) Dave Alvin (Blasters) and on stage with Maria McKee, Chuck E.Weiss & Benmont Tench in Holliwood, Dr Feelgood, Beverly Jo Scott & Southside Johnny in Paris, Willy DeVille & Johnny Thunder in England.
Little Bob cherishes the way of singing of classic rock and blues singers from Little Richard or Howling Wolf to Eric Burdon. Bob's got the secret magic ingredient which makes all the difference in the heart of his fans: the innocence, the fervor & the ingenuity. Bob pulls it off, never blinks, never winks, he discards the "Camp," easy way-out, gambles on the power of bare emotion, and comes out a winner. His look and tremondous voice make him unique to the audience.
Each time Little Bob's release a new album it is a good news, if anything because, as wise men say, "whenever a dreamer fulfills his dream, other dreamers ought to celebrate. Source
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LITTLE BOB - One Story Vol. 1 cd 1999

Stay tuned for Vol. 2!

Anonyme a dit…

Merde, c'est Noël avant l'heure. Les deux compiles de ptit Bob sur mon site préféré !!
Merci mec
JC from LH
Et des groupes style Yes-Men qui tournent en boucle sur ma platine, t'en a d'autres, j'annule mes vacances à Tahiti !!
Cheers & beers

Anonyme a dit…

tahiti c fini
je ne crois pas
que j'y rockrais un jour

LH from JC

A.M. a dit…

La classe! Merci 'Tit Bob et MR!


Hi Blindspot
Thanks for the Sinners cd!
Everything's fine! Is it possible to have look at the cd cover (booklet & tray)?
Doesn't matter if it's not possible...
Thanks Again !

DEE DEE a dit…

Bon là c'est noel, mon anniversaire et jour de paie! Merci Rambler de Minuit, ton blog m'est très cher même si je ne laisse pas toujours un petit mot...