SUICIDE KING New York cd 2001
Get On Up (Off The Floor) / Runaway / I Don't Think So / Shadow Girl / Yeah / Loosie / Get Outta Town / Circle Bitch / Money Honey / Hold Tight / Black Magic Junkie.
Produced by Jim Sabella & Suicide King.
Suicide King: 4-Way: vocals / N. Marden: bass / C. English: drums / Shige: guitar.
"Suicide King is a quartet of punk rock stalwarts, led by 7-foot maniacal lead singer 4-Way (formerly of Bad Posture). Bass player Nick Marden played bass for New York City legends, The Stimulators. Shige, transplanted from Tokyo and joined up as a Suicide King after playing guitar for 4 years in the Hip Nips. Drummer Chip English (formerly of The Lunachicks) is their latest addition. Suicide King first hit the scene in 1994 and after producing a self-title 7", a self-titled LP and touring for years their sound hits harder than ever. Lead singer 4-Way credits his concoction of ass kicking band mates for their sound. Flipside Magazine describes their sound as "so hot that it melts in your face" and Annex says Suicide King is "Raunchy, dirty, crude obnoxious punk!"
Suicide King's live set has been regarded as a not-to-be-missed event of heavy, hot rod punk rock played at breakneck speeds.Their songs constantly threaten danger and they stay together as each one explodes. They are absolute warped lunacy. Their two full-length albums showcase the wreckless world they live in. Even in their recordings Suicide King captured the aggressive fury of their, now famous, live shows. If Motörhead and the Dead Boys were ever thrown into a blender, made into a spicy paste, all you had to do is sprinkle on a little Johnny Thunders powder and there it would be ... Suicide King."
If you take an old Motörhead record and throw it in a blender with the Dead Boys and Johnny Thunders you would have Suicide King. Their sound is brutal and honest. They have done four US tours, and have played shows with The Ramones, Nashville Pussy, Zeke, Dinosaur Jr., The Candy Snatchers and many others.
The gorgeous full color cover art was painted by the famous New York City tattoo artist Koz, who´s considered the top tattooist in NYC. The LP version comes with an inner bag full of pics and stuff from the band´s scrapbook.
This is their second full length, a total sonic assault you can´t miss where Suicide King have managed to capture the aggressive fury of their live shows!"Source

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cd 2001

A total sonic assault you can´t miss !

A.M. a dit…

And I didn't want to miss it, indeed!Excellent stuff, thanks!

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Thanks for the post...