BITERS - It's All Chewed Up OK ?

The Biters are proud to present, for the first time on WAX, EP's 2 and 3 combined as one on colored vinyl. They will also include a full CD of the both EP's music and a rad 11x22 poster of four dudes who look exactly like the Biters. The "official" release date in going to be December 6th-ish. We have a partnership between 3 awesome labels. Underrated Records (click here to pre-order) in the USA. In Canada, Yeah Right! (click here to pre-order). Here in France, Pop The Balloon (click here to pre-order). These three labels all have their own color wax as well; with Underrated's a clear blue, Yeah Right!'s solid pink, and Pop The Balloon solid red. Each has the same contents; color wax, CD, and poster. It's a single limited pressing of each of these releases so it's available as a pre-order, to be mailed all at once as they arrive, so that everyone can have there's by X-mas.
**There is only one rule to all of this awesomeness: If you live in Canada, USA, or most of Europe, you need to buy the version released where you live before buying from another label. Each label will only have their color and if you want blue, for example, but live in Canada, you gotta get Yeah Right!'s pink first or explain in great detail, 5 paragraph essay style, why the label should sell you a blue or red one. This was the best way to do it and only under special circumstances will the labels allow for a buyer to purchase a copy if from another labels turf. Collectors, people who are allergic to blue, etc etc. Seems fair, right? All Biters music supports are sold out (the 8 tracks too)...and this was their way of restocking in grand style. SOURCE

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"...This is some magic marker mayhem, man, part Cheap Trick power pop, part New York Dolls lipstick rock, and all jukebox jive. If the Biters aren’t the biggest band in the world real soon, we’re all doomed"

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