THE BATORS - It's All About Fun

THE BATORS   It's All About Fun  CD  2010
1-2-3-4 / Hoppin' Cretin / Black Leather Jacket / Tell Me Baby / I'm Done With Ya / One Nite Luv / Drink & Destroy / Pretty Rock 'N' Baby / Palooza / I Do What I Want / Cigarette Flavored Lips / Tonite.
Arrangements by The Bators.
Recorded & mixed by Starbuck Leroidurock & Sam Gimme.
Mastering by Johnny Lowe.
The Bators: Sam Gimme: rhythm & backing vocals / Carl Toog: bass & backing vocals / Dave Snotty: lead guitar & vocals / Mungo Gerry: drums & backing vocals.

Great name for a band! Arriving in 2010 via some pretty sweet influences from back in the days when great bands were everywhere, or so it seemed, it came as no shock then that '1-2-3-4' was going to kick the album off in true 'Pipeline' style, coming across as sort of a little bit 'Pirate Love' but, hey, why the fuck not?

 'Hoppin' Cretin' sees the introduction of some vocals and the snotty by name, snotty in style Dave Snotty sneers and gives it heaps whilst the boys in the engine room dish out the rock 'n' roll. If you're gonna ape some bands then you might as well go right to the top of the food chain in my humble opinion and ape the Ramones and The Heartbreakers, right? It's not rocket science what these Canadians are about and God bless 'em for just wanting to play the type of music they so obviously love and credit to them as they have a fistfull of insane tunes to back it up with. 'Black Leather Jacket' has every lick and fill from Chuck Berry's repertoire all neatly fisted into the top pocket of this number - it's rapid, catchy and does exactly what it says on the album cover.

 On this evidence it is all about the fun and playing some wicked rock 'n' roll while you're at it.  On every play I get a little tip of the hat to such greats as The Boys on stuff like 'One Night Luv', a bit of 'Seven Day Weekend' on 'Pretty Rock 'n' Roll Baby' mashed up with some 70's proper glam. Some Buzzcocks and Addicts in there as well  for good measure and we also have the love torn balladeering on 'Cigarette Flavoured Lips' and I'm not sure if it's Tyla or The Babysitters but I do know it doesn't matter what well they drank from for each song because the final result is a killer record that'll put a smile on yer face and a spring in yer step.

Album closer 'Tonight'  just about sums up the whole groove of the album - fun, fun and some more fun. But it should also be all about The Bators because on this evidence they have style, attitude, suss and a whole lot of toe tappin' tunes - Young, loud and wonderfully snotty. The Bators rule!

Written by Dom Daley for ÜberRöck

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DEE DEE a dit…

Faut reconnaitre que malgré les chemises ça donne sacrément envie de pogoter ("Danser le pogo, danse pratiquée lors des concerts de musique amplifiée" selon linternaute.com - toujours là pour nous aider!) Merci à vous, chers amis.

Anonyme a dit…

des chemises à pogo ??
risque de laisser les cols coinces dans les enceintes , non ????

Anonyme a dit…

great post
un lien vers un disque de power pop frenchy by ben popp
all the best