THE MUD CITY MANGLERS - Heart Full of Hate

THE MUD CITY MANGLERS  Heart Full of Hate  CD  2000
The Battle March Of Old Latrobe / Shit You Talk / 1234 Motherfucker / All I Need / Waste Of My Time / Fucked Up All The Time / One More Beer / Song #666 / I Wanna Kill My Friends / Over The Highside / Different Shade Of Black.
Produced by T. Tarka
The Mud City Manglers: Ted: lead & rhythm Gibson SGS, Marshall Stack, screams / Brian: drums & cymbals / Timtim: Rickenbacker bass, Ampeg stack.

This is the sound of rock & roll at it’s optimum best. This three-piece are fuelled from a steady diet of alcohol, white pills, sociopath behaviour and a honest disgust for just about every aspect of life. The Mud City Manglers herald from miserable Pittsburgh and they utilise the word MOTHERFUCKER more times than Ol’ Dirty Bastard does ordering McDonalds. The songs are intimidating in all their glories - the sense of a band outrunning each other to see who can finish the songs first, which leads to the listener getting a direct current into their eardrums. The album is interspliced with soundbites from Rocky & Bullwinkle, which came to the band one day during a blizzard while they were smoking hash and watching the old cartoon. OK - the songs,standout tracks - well most of them, to paraphrase Ted Tarka "you don’t like me, I don’t mind,. to think I’m fucked up all the time". I could get really lazy and describe The ‘Manglers by saying they sound like another band, who wants to sound like every other band, ripping of every other punk band, but they don’t. They play from their hearts rather than emulate a style, which is great - they expose the goddam phonies - ya hear that Jay Maker. Two instrumentals are included - they sound like The Ventures being murdered to a three-piece and then hanging out in Death Valley with The Family. Believe or not but this album is total FUN: booze, boredom, hate, cheap motorcycles and shit jobs. It’s also out on Stolen Records from Prahran, Melbourne Australia, which really doesn’t mean anything except maybe they should get a pat on the back. Tell your friends to come over, then play them the song ‘I wanna kill my friends’. As one of the samples says "No bodies happy living in Pittsburgh". - Heart Full Of Hate indeed! - with a touch of humour.
Source: Shane Jesse Xmass (read the interview with Ted Tarka from the Mud City Manglers here)

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THE MUD CITY MANGLERS "Heart Full of Hate" cd 2000

Thanks to the wizzard of OZ music: the absolute Mr D. !!!

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Anonyme a dit…


vous aviez les dig it
/ arthur alexander ????
c'est possible d avoir une copie (scanne correct)
c'est pour lire pas pour collectionner merci d avance
a bientot pépé

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Great selection Midnight Rambler!
That sh... rocks!!!