POISON ARROWS - Sticky Situations

POISON ARROWS Sticky Situations 7' EP 2008
Sticky Situations* / Shakin All Over / Wild Hearts Beat Free*.
*Produced by N. Constantine.
Poison Arrows: Tuk: vocals, guitar / Joey: drums, percussion / Portwood: bass / Josh: guitar.
Hailing from Atlanta, the Poison Arrows are no strangers to the punk rock world. Featuring former members of The Heart Attacks, the band plays furious power pop punk with glam roots that is catchy and anthemic as all hell and raging with attitude. Power pop with attitude?
Definitely. These aren’t crying-in-your-beer-over-a-girl love songs. This is the band Tuk, Portwood, Josh, and Joey were meant to play in.
The A-side “Sticky Situations”, about the trouble we all love to somehow get into, will be that foot-tapping, hot jam stuck in your head and stuck on your turntable.
The B-side brings us “Shakin’ All Over” and “Wild Hearts Beat Free”, both songs about rockin’ and rollin’ and livin’ your life how you want. You’ll be hearing a lot more from the Poison Arrows this coming year. Get some! Source
''The crowd quickly warmed up to the group's jarring collision of Cheap Trick and Dead Boys:
I thought you guys were gonna suck because your haircuts are fucking gay—but you rock,”
screamed one audience member between songs.'' Source
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POISON ARROWS "Sticky Situations" 7''

"On this, the first of what should be a long line of releases, Poison Arrows show a lot of promise, though this 7" fails to capture the band's live energy.

"Sticky Situations" is the best of the bunch, as it comes the closest to capturing the band's live sound (though it misses that mark). It is catchy without being absurdly simple or repetitive..."

7 inch Atlanta !

Mihaleez a dit…

SOTD! Ruling the rock & roll blogsphere as usual!!! Many thanks mate.

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