WEAK - Back From Gooch

WEAK Back From Gooch cd 2005
Motherfucker / Get The Hots / Wasted Time / So Tired / Dope Taking Girl / Much Better / Get Outta My Way / Sick Of You / Blow Myself Away / Gone / Devil Dance / Nasty Nympho.
Produced by Weak.
Weak: W. Weak: drums / K. From The Crypt: vocals, guitar / N. Menardo: bass / J. Ped Jr : vocals, lead guitar.
Weak, an improbable yet monstrous cross between Lemmy Kilmister and Eddy Spaghetti, will tickle more than just your tastebuds.
"Back from the Gooch" is the band's 4th album hitting the scenes back in January 2005. Calmer than their previous sounds yet much more dangerous, this latest release chucks out a nasty scabby feverish punkrock with bloody screaming guitars and a rythm that will make even your gooch tremble. You know who to blame for the buzzing in your ears !!!
Weak played with the Supersuckers (German Tour 2003), Turbonegro, Nashville Pussy, Gluecifer, New Bomb Turks, Sweatmaster, Speedball Baby, the Peepshows, the Bellrays, the Queers, Sin City Six, Burning Heads, Neurotic Swingers, Sonny Vincent, the TV Killers, Dead Pop Club, Hawaii Samurai, TV Men...Source
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Weak was a real rock band from La Rochelle, France. They recorded four albums before disbanded. "SuperTramp" in 1997, "Speed Freaks Speed Weak" on year later in 1998, "Gay Truckers Highway" in 2001 and then "Back from the Gooch" in 2005.
Check it, it's real stuff!

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WEAK: A real rock band from La Rochelle !

Anonyme a dit…

WOEUK ????????????????

c du WOOeuK ctruk ?

El Capi a dit…

Thanks Patrick, "gay trucker highway" are amazing....


El Capi a dit…

Great post Patrick, thanks!!!

choumy a dit…

reformation exceptionnelle des WEAK pour une unique date en compagnie des New Bomb Turks , dimanche 26 juin à la Sirène à La Rochelle (17)!!!

ça va charcler !!!