VA - Trash On Demand vol. 2

VA Trash On Demand Vol. 2 cd 1997 Ultra Under Rcds 320 kbps
Assassination Bureau : 51 Crazy Love / The Leaving Trains : Big Baby / The Rosehips : Jacobs Progress / Wanda Chrome & The Leather Pharaons : Private Monkeys / Snap-Her : Strychnine / The Neurotones : Burned Out / The Jezebelles : Abducted / The Lucky Thirteens : (Let's do the) Standing Still / Big Bobby and The Nightcaps : Wanna See Her Cry / Hotdamn : Remember Fun / The Fancy Lads : Have You Ever / The ADZ : Fall / The Trash Brats : Start Over Again / Ubangi Stomp : Go On / The Sinisters : Capt'n Weirdo / Echodrive : Another Boring Day / Boyz Nex'Door : Hey / The Jacobites : Pennicillin / Nervous Christians : Talk About Chasing A Dream / Witcherry Wild : Come Down Slow / Jimmy Keith And His Shocky Horrors : Little Bit Of Whore / Logik : M.C. W-B / The Cynics : Baby What's Wrong (live) / Hidden Band : Hidden Track.
Jeff Dahl has compiled this twenty four rare & unreleased songs on his (now defunct) label , Ultra Under Records in 1997 ! All the bands here are heavily influenced by punky glam rock in a Dolls/Heartbreakers spirit ! There are two other volumes : vol. 1 is only released in vinyl & vol. 3 in cd ... Both are coming soon !
Thanks to Gildas for music & scans !

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VA "Trash On Demand Vol.2" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments !

Babbler a dit…

Looking forward to Vols 1 & 3....I have Vol 2 and there are some killer tracks...Leaving Trains & Wanda Chrome stand out for me.

Anonyme a dit…

merci Mr GILDAS
@ SOTD.AllAroundTheWorld


new on blog !cheers


Anonyme a dit…

t reparti au bout du monde ???????????????????????????????????????????????,


Ben non DD ! J'arriiiive ...

dz a dit…

looks good.

Anonyme a dit…

So... can anyone tell me who the hidden band is on track 24?

It's a Ramones-ish sounding band with a female vocalist. I can make out some of the lyrics, but not the part of the chorus that's probably the song's title.
"____ you"?
"____ knew"???

I'm terrible at sussing out lyrics.

laurent a dit…

female vocalist?
I don't know the title of the song, but it seems clear that it's Jeff Dahl singing.

Anonyme a dit…

Oops! Stupid laptop speakers + hangover.

I figured it out, though. The hidden track is "Hung on You," which also appears on Jeff Dahl's "Heart Full of Snot" album.


I used to be in The Fancy Lads, we jumped for joy when Jeff put us on this cd! I reworked "Have You Ever",called it "L.A. Breakdown" & put on my new lp "Hooray For Hollywood". Thanks for listening.