THE OUTLETS - Whole New World

THE OUTLETS Whole New World lp 1986 Restless Records flac
Whole New World / The War Is Over / Sheila / Tilted Track / The Provider / Can't Cheat the Reaper / Made in Japan / What I Did / A Valentine Song / Someday.
Produced by R. Dimit.
The Outlets: D. Barton: lead guitar, vocals / R. Barton: guitar, back-up vocals / M. County: bass, back-up vocals / W. Gustafson: drums.
"Whole New World" by Boston's Outlets, released on Restless Records/Enigma in 1985, is a raw document of a good pop band with enthusiasm that rises above the group's limitations. Where the rock & roll voice of the Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley would tatter and tear, he managed to stay somewhat on key; lead singer/lead guitarist Dave Barton clearly emulated Shelley, but his vocal limitations inhibited his otherwise interesting material. "Sheila" is OK on "Whole New World", but sounds so much better re-recorded 14 years later by producers John McDermott and Kevin Army on Hendrix Records' 1999 release simply titled "The Outlets" (buy it here!). "Whole New World" is the Barton brothers -- Dave on vocals and lead guitar and Rick on guitar -- with M. County on bass and W. Gustafson on drums. "Tilted Track" rings with the same undertones of "Whole New World" and "The War Is Over"; they don't deviate much from the formula, and producer Rob Dimit simply captures what the band was all about at this point in time. "A Valentine Song" has enough creativity to stand out from the pack and, while Dave Barton's guitar work on "Tilted Track" and "The Provider" really shows strength, the song similarity and redundance of the vocals kept this band from making more of an impact, both in Boston and on the national stage. There's more polish on the 1999 release, but "Whole New World" had its moments and is also a nice glimpse of a band making noise while it was also making some waves. ~ Joe Viglione (alias The Count) , All Music Guide. Cd covers by MAX!

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THE OUTLETS "Whole New World" flac + cd covers by Max !

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Bruce McDonald a dit…

Excellent stuff as always! FYI, there is a small skip @1:50 of track #3, "Sheila".

Lonesome a dit…

Any chance of a re-up? This is hard to find!