THE SCOTT MORGAN BAND Rock Action 1989 Revenge records 320 kbps

16 with a bullet / Eagle dance / Say yeah / Heartland / Everything / Hijackin' love / Pirate music / Josie's well / Heaven and earth / Detroit .

Produced by Scott Morgan

THE SCOTT MORGAN BAND : Scott Morgan : guitar , vocal s , keyboards / Scott Asheton : drums / Gary Rasmussen : bass , vocals / Kathy Deschaine : vocals .

One of the true legends of the Detroit rock music scene, Scott Morgan first attracted local attention as the soulful frontman for Ann Arbor's late-Sixties garage heroes the Rationals, later leading the short-lived Guardian Angel. Out of music throughout much of the 1970s, as the decade drew to a close Morgan joined ex-MC5 guitarist Fred "Sonic" Smith, former Stooges drummer Scott Asheton and one time-Up bassist Gary Rasmussen to form the near-mythical Sonic's Rendezvous Band; after just one single, the classic "City Slang," Smith left the group, and after adding Kathy Deschaine the remaining members continued on as the Scott Morgan Band, issuing the 1989 LP Rock Action. The same line-up soon rechristened itself Scots Pirates, issuing a pair of albums ( a 1994 self-titled effort ) and 1995's Revolutionary Means on the local Schoolkids label. Additionally, Morgan teamed with Wayne Kramer and Denis Tek in the band Dodge Main. He's also a member of Powertrane & The Hydromatics .

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Scott Morgan Band : "Rock Action" 320 kbps + covers

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Scott Morgan And The Hellacopters
Slow Down Take A Look 7"(Subpop, 1999) b/w 16 With A Bullet

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Johnny Tonnerre (la suite)

Recorded live and in cold blood at Le Truck, Lyon-Vénissieux, France,4 Mars 1989



Johnny Thunders - Guitar
Alison Gordy - Vocals
Stevie Klasson - Guitar
Chris Musto - Drums
Jill Wisoff - Bass

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