THE TRILOBITES - Savage mood swing

THE TRILOBITES Savage mood swing cd 1989 RooArt records 320 kbps
Minibar of oblivion / The girl from Mossad / She was alone / When I blink / Fuck = love / New head / I feel good / Last train / One step ahead / Don't touch / I can't wait for the summer to end* / Tall poppies* / Why I can't remember* / Critical mass* / All hail the new right*.
Produced by Steve James & * bonus tracks ep "I can't wait for the summer to end" produced by the Trilobites.
The Trilobites : Mike Dalton : vocals / Martin Martini : guitar , vocal / Paul Skates : guitar / Scott Leighton : bass / Paul Styman : bass.
In 1988 the Trilobites came to the attention of the fledgling rooArt label.The band contributed "All hail the new right" to rooArt inaugural Yougblood compilation . That led to a full recording contract which resulted in the 12-inch ep & cd ep "I can't wait for the summer to end" (mars 1989). Then englishman Steve James produced the Trilobites' debut studio album, "Savage mood swing" (march 1990). Between recording the album and it's release , the Trilobites also undertook a successful European tour (late 1989).
I. McFarlane in the "Encyclopedia of Australian rock and pop".

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Biterkasquerefrescamas a dit…

You are great friend. Thankx for the Trilobite's records.

Anonyme a dit…

I would love to see this re-upped!


The delete files of the blog will be re-uploaded during July & August 2012 !
But you can already find "Savage Mood Swing" in flac (with a lot of australian bands) here:


Anonyme a dit…

Merci beaucoup!!! I grew up on this album, haven't heard it for a long time :)

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Any chance of a re-up for this one?