JERRY SPIDER GANG - Dope Takin' Kamikazes

JERRY SPIDER GANG Dope takin' kamikazes cd 2000 Shark Attack ! 320 kbps
Saturday night / Feel like a man / Psychiatric hospitality / So down / I'm a ramrod / Do it ! / Burn down in hell / Little girl / Alien nightmares / Kinky pussy / Outerspace part. 2 : dope & soul .
Produced by Olivier Joffrin and the Gang.
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vox, guitar, piano / Mighty Yo : bass, backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar.
"Dope takin' kamikazes" is the 2nd album of the Jerry Spider Band (on Shark Attack for the cd & Safety Pin Records for the lp) ... real dynamite rock'n'roll !!!
"C'est au tour du Gang de dynamiter consciencieusement les dernières barrières d'accés au pur plaisir d'une vraie et torride R'n'R night. Les guitares fouaillent les tripes, le groupe se laisse aller à quelques pitreries, les Marshall ronflent façon heavy, le public tape du pied et lève le coude, y'a des étoiles dans les yeux des filles et "High School Babes" explose l'applaudimètre. Goood Motor City Punk forever ! - Dig It !
The Jerry Spider Gang's new album "Dope Takin' Kamikazes" starts pretty heavy and straight through your head. Their guitar sound is really great and fascinating - you just try to turn your audio set louder and louder till your speakers and your head explode. "Saturday Night" is great high energy/early 70s punk with great fuzz riff. But "Feel Like A Man" is even better, faster and more acid. It's dirty, fat produced, supersonic speed r'n'r for 21st century. "Psychiatric Hospitality" is more stoner rock, pretty acid and you don't have to see MC5 T shirt on one of gang members to realize that early 70s Detroit punk is their big inspiration. But I like Jerry Spider Gang because they are not some 70s retro band - they just play music they like on their own way giving it some new dimension and making it sound like 21st century. "I'm A Ramrod" goes after speedy "So Down". It's a great fast rockin' punk with tones of fuzzed & distorted wah wah guitar. "Do It!" is a bit too long for my taste - I like fast and short songs like "Burn Down In Hell" and "Little Girl" more. You can hear Radio Birdman influences in "Alien Nightmares". Then we have ultra mega big hit (at least for me) "Kinky Pussy" (check the 7" review). Metallic "Outerspace Part 2" closes this CD. It's not really my taste - it's too metallic for me, but OK now, I'm going deep into details. The Jerry Spider Gang did this really great album and I highly recommend it. - No Brain Zine

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JERRY SPIDER GANG: "Dope takin' kamikazes" 320 kbps + covers

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Los vi en Directo en Vitoria (Helldoradoen el 2004, creo). Y fue inolvidable la descarga sonora.

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Thanks a lot...!