JERRY SPIDER GANG Relics (singles , tribute , compilation...) cd 2008 320 kbps
My girl hates my heroin (wild love) / Scene of a crime / When I get off / Situation three / Yesterday's numbers / Into the dark of the night (single version) / This is my life / Bermuda / We love rock'n'roll / Outerspace Pt-1 : Sex & violence / Higher the heel / Come on / Can't come in / Beat that shit out / I was wrong / More I see you / Run baby run / Toodlepip fuck .
Jerry Spider Gang : Lo' Spider : vocals , guitar , piano / Mighty Yo : bass & backing vocals / Mars : drums / Speedy : guitar .
Hey, I like the rock and the roll as much as the next guy, but the Jerry Spider Gang turn their rock-attitude up to 11 on their new album "Exile on Mainstream" (which gets my award for best-named album of the year). It's got enough guitar crunch to rattle my teeth loose. Fans of Turbo Negro and the New Bomb Turks need to check this out. Me, I still need to work my way up to the grownup table and take small doses at time. otherwie I might end up hurting myself.
Maximum rock & Roll
"Stooges inspired, heavily overdriven punk rock from the musical hotbed of Toulouse, France.Thankfully sung in english, these songs are gonna appeal to fans of the whole scandi/aussie rock scene in a big way. These guys have played gigs all over Europe with bands like the Hellacopters, Cosmic Psychos and the Onyas for good reason - they fuckin' rock ! This fine platter is also available on vinyl through Safety Pin records who also released their first disc, "Porn in the bayou" last year. I can't say anything else other than that I highly recommend this to fans of any of the other bands already mentionned in this review."
Larry Hardy in Carbon 14
"Stiv Bator(s) has resurfaced in France, ladies and gentlemen! Maybe smack is cheaper there. He's thrown his goth-rock leanings to the wayside to front his new band, the Jerry Spider Gang. Yes folks, the songs are quite a bit Dead Boys-ish. A big punk rock 'n roll band with big rock 'n roll guitars... "This is My Life," is certainly the pop hit. I dig it! The anthemic chorus keeps me into it for the entire 4:10 of the song. The flip, "Into the Dark of the Night", sounds much like "Ass Cobra"-era Turbonegro, and, judging by the title, would probably be rather similar to them lyrically as well. Now Wave
"The Jerry Spider Gang stomp around the not-so-mean back streets of Toulouse, tossing bottles at passing cars, uprooting flower beds abd flipping the finger at genteel european respectability. This is loose and raucous stuff that reminds one of countrymates the TV Killers, with the addition of harmonica and decadent/androgynous cross-dressing schtick. Note the R. Erickson cover ("Bermuda"), the eyeliner, the tattoo of Edward Munch's "The scream" on Jerry Spider himself. Fun. Hate to run into these guys half-cocked on bathtube absinthe, but I'm sure they'd deliver more than their share of surprises" J.H. in Maximum rock & roll
Thanks you Gildas for the music & thank you Max for your inspired artwork in tribute to the Jerry Spider Gang !

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JERRY SPIDER GANG : Relics 320 kbps + artwork cd created by Max !

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Limburg merci beaucoup ... on m'a déjà envoyé le Hot dogs mais merci encore !

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