THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - Caught dead inside

THE TOMMYKNOCKERS Caught dead inside lp 1990 Unique records wav
The Tommyknockers man / About you / Why can't you see / Faceless / Will you wait / The wait it works / Blind of an eye .
Produced by D. Cameron & the legendary starbold.
The Tommyknockers : Rich Coffee : guitars , vocals / Chris Harlock : bass / Jomar Guiccio : drums , vocals.
The fantastic first lp of the Tommyknockers with a great cover by Joaquim Jones . As usual Max did a good job with the artwork ...
Download part 2 : here!
Cd artwork by Max !

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THE TOMMYKNOCKERS Caught dead inside wav + artwork cd by Max

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Rsquared a dit…

wow - thank you! I thought I had everything by the Tommyknockers, but I didn't even know about this one. Rich Coffee is the greatest!

Anonyme a dit…

Thankxxxxxxxx....you are great friend.