THE TRILOBITES - The lost generation

THE TRILOBITES The lost generation cd 1992 Citadel records 320 kbps
Drying out / Better way / Hey John / Precious time / Keep talking / The lost generation / Tear you apart / Don't hide / Dressed in black */ I wish it could be 1965 again* / American TV* / Walking out on love* / Not trying to hurt you* / Turn it around* / Tennarama* / Piece of shit* / Come to where its at* .
Produced by Rob Younger except * bonus tracks from the live lp "Turn it around"
The Trilobites 1992 : Gary Slater : vocals / Martin Martini : guitar, vocals / Skater : guitar / Scott Leighton : bass / Glen Abbot(t) : drums .
In 1994 , frontman Mike Dalton left the band to concentrate on his career as a television producer . Gary Slater (ex-Voodoo Lust) took his place and Glen Abbott also replaced Styman on drums . The Trilobites return to the Citadel label for the single "Tear you apart" (1991) and the mini album "Lost generation" (1992) . Citadel also combined the single and mini-album for a eight tracks cd . The band continued to tour locally but made little further impact , at last they disbanded .
I. McFarlane - Encyclopedia of australian rock and pop.
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THE TRILOBITES The lost generation 320 kbps + covers

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