THE DEVOTIONS - Make it go away

THE DEVOTIONS Make it go away cd EP 1999 One way productions wav
Make it go away / I 'll say it / I'm not there / Something bad / Looks like goodbye* .
Produced by Mark Davis and Ducky Carlisle.
The Devotions : John Felice : vocals & guitar / Dana Stuart / Mark Mc Cormick / Paul Mc Cormick + Kelly Knapp (from The Bristols, The Darlings, vocals) on *
Steve Wynn about the Devotions -27th Jan 1996- (Was he speaking about the same sessions ???) :
"I just came back from Boston (jeez, it seems like I live there these days) where I produced an album for THE DEVOTIONS, a great new band featuring the songwriting and vocals of John Felice who used to be in the legendary Real Kids. Those of you (like myself) who remember and love the Real Kids from the early days of punk rock/power pop will be happy to know that John is still writing those incredible songs packed with unforgettable hooks and raw emotion. I don't know when it's coming out but keep looking."(taken from "The WynnWeb" )
It now seems that John wants resorts full records of Devotions , for more information : here .

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THE DEVOTIONS Make it go away wav + covers

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