THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - The clarity is so clear

THE TOMMYKNOCKERS - The clarity is so clear cd 1995 Helter Skelter records 320 kbps
Test the limits / But you care / Even tho / Looked at yours / Champagne & altitude / Bad times two / Take your time / A little time / Shut the door / Follow the light / One to many / Have faith.
Produced by TK'S & Geza X.
The Tommyknockers : Rich Coffee : guitar , vocals / Laura Benett : bass , vocals / Roger Ward : drums & vocals .
The Tommyknockers were never as easy band to describe - once called "voodoo-acid-blues-rant-and-roll" fronted by the bastard son of Alice Cooper & Joey Ramone (a frightening thought!), they eventually evolved into almost a power-pop band! But the emphasis was always on the power! Starting in 1989 with Lee Joseph, who left shortly after recording our first EP on Sympathy to rejoin his band, Yard Trauma, the band went through several changes in the next year. After Lee, Chris Harlock joined, who later left to tour with the Fuzztones and then formed such bands as the Huntington Cads and the Finks, among others. Jomar G. was on drums and he left seeking fame and fortune just before we were to leave for a European tour (has anyone heard from him since?)! He was replaced by Al Penzone and the bass was picked up by the Princess, Laura Bennett. This line-up went on our first European tour and had a blast running amuck for several weeks! After the tour Al left for numerous reasons and when I answered my door to a near-mirror image, I knew that we had our new drummer in Roger Ward! The magic was found with Laura and Roger and we blasted through two more European tours, where we met our German cohorts, the Embryonics, and every show ended up with us all as one giant band! We also shook up Mexico City, Tijuana and all of the west coast! A number of records were released, but with the last one, "The Clarity Is So Clear", the band came to an end as everyone went their separate ways. There have been a couple of reunion shows and there's always the possiblity of "just one more"! Tommyknockers My Space

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THE TOMMYKNOCKERS The clarity is so clear 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

vex_voxtone a dit…

Rich Coffee ... is the legend of american punk garage RNR scene from his early days in legendary Gizmos, who were one of the first american punk rock bands to fuzz derived Unclamed and Thee Fourgiven to all his latter string of bands like Tommyknockers, Excessories or Egomaniacs he, for sure is, one of the best unknown american RNR heroes. Excellent Tommyknocker shares ... thanx so much !!!
P.S. I have a request if you could help me please. I was wondering if you could share a first Hollywood Brats if you have it. Thanx

Anonyme a dit…

Que maravilla!!! Adoro todos los grupos en los que ha estado Rich Coffee!!!

Thank you. This site is superbbb!!!!!!


Thanks for your comments Vex ! OK for The Hollywood Brats !

Anonyme a dit…

Hi from France. I like this band. I know those records : Caught Dead Inside, Perception is Reality, One too Many (7"), En dof my mind (7") and Noisy Beast (7").
Are they others records ?
Do you know where I could find them, include "the clarity is so clear" ?
My english is very bad. Apologies.