RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS  Blank Generation LP/CD  1977/1990
Love Comes In Spurts / Liars Beware / New Pleasure / Betrayal Takes Two / Down At The Rock And Roll Club (Alternate Version) / Who Says? / Blank Generation / Walking On The Water / The Plan / Another World / I'm Your Man (cd bonus track) / All The Way (cd bonus track).
Produced by Richard Gottehrer & Richard Hell.

Richard Hell & The Voidoids: Richard Hell: bass, vocals / Robert Quine: guitars, backing vocals / Ivan Julian: guitar, backing vocals / Marc Bell: drums.

Richard Hell was one of the first men on the scene when punk rock first began to emerge in New York City as an early member of both Television and the Heartbreakers (he left both groups before they could record), but his own version of punk wasn't much like anyone else's, and while Hell's debut album, Blank Generation, remains one of the most powerful to come from punk's first wave, anyone expecting a Ramones/Dead Boys-style frontal assault from this set had better readjust their expectations. "Love Comes in Spurts" and "Liar's Beware" proved the Voidoids could play fast and loud when they wanted to, but for the most part this group's formula was much more complicated than that; guitarists Robert Quine and Ivan Julian bounced sharp, edgy patterns off each other that were more about psychological tension than brute force (though Quine's solos suggest a fragile grace beneath the surface of their neo-Beefheart chaos), and while most punk nihilism was of the simplistic "Everything Sucks" variety, Hell was (with the exception of Patti Smith) the most literate and consciously poetic figure in the New York punk scene. While there's little on the album that's friendly or life-affirming, there's a crackling intelligence to songs like "New Pleasure," "Betrayal Takes Two," and "Another World" that confirmed Hell has a truly unique lyrical voice, at once supremely self-confident and dismissive of nearly everything around him (sometimes including himself). Brittle and troubling, but brimming with ideas and musical intelligence, "Blank Generation" was groundbreaking punk rock that followed no one's template, and today it sounds just as fresh -- and nearly as abrasive -- as it did when it first hit the racks. Allmusic

Richard Hell grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, in the 1950s. His father, a secular Jew, was an experimental psychologist, researching animal behavior. He died when Hell was seven years old. Hell was then raised by his mother, who came from Methodists of Welsh and English ancestry. After her husband's death, she returned to school and eventually became a professor.
Hell attended the Sanford School in Delaware for one year, where he became friends with Tom Miller, who later changed his name to Tom Verlaine). They ran away from school together and were arrested in Alabama for arson and vandalism a short time later.
Hell never finished high school, instead moving to New York City to make his way as a poet. In New York he met fellow young poet, David Giannini, and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico for several months, where Giannini and Meyers co-founded "Genesis:Grasp". They used an AM VariTyper with changeable fonts to publish the magazine. They began publishing books and magazines but decided to go their separate ways in 1971, after which Hell created and published Dot Books. Before he was twenty-one his own poems were published in numerous periodicals, ranging from Rolling Stone to the New Directions Annuals. Along with Tom Verlaine, in 1971 Hell also published under the pseudonym Theresa Stern, a fictional poet whose photo was actually a combination of both his and Verlaine's faces, in drag, superimposed over one another to create a new identity.
In 1972, Verlaine joined Hell in New York and formed the Neon Boys. In 1974 the band added a second guitarist, Richard Lloyd, and changed their name to Television.

Television's performances at CBGB helped kick-start the first wave of punk bands, inspiring a number of different artists including Patti Smith, who wrote the first press review of Television for the Soho Weekly News in June 1974. She had an affair with Tom Verlaine, and formed a highly successful band of her own, The Patti Smith Group. Television was one of the early bands to play at CBGB, and persuaded owner Hilly Kristal to book rock bands there on a regular basis. They also built the club's first stage.
Hell started playing his song "Blank Generation" during his stint in Television. In 1975, Hell parted ways with Television after a dispute over creative control. Hell claimed that he and Verlaine had originally divided the songwriting evenly but that later Verlaine refused to play Hell's songs. Verlaine remains characteristically silent on the subject.

Hell left Television the same week that Jerry Nolan and Johnny Thunders quit the New York Dolls. In May 1975 the three of them formed The Heartbreakers; not to be confused with Tom Petty's band, which adopted the same name the following year. After one show Walter Lure joined The Heartbreakers as a second guitarist.

A year later, in early 1976, Hell quit The Heartbreakers and started Richard Hell and the Voidoids with Robert Quine, Ivan Julian and Marc Bell. The band released two albums, though the second, "Destiny Street", retained only Quine from the original group, with Naux (Juan Maciel) on guitar and Fred Maher on drums, and suffered from Hell's distractions, narcotics especially, during recording.[citation needed] Hell's best known songs with the Voidoids were "Blank Generation", "Love Comes in Spurts", "The Kid With the Replaceable Head" and "Time". In 2009, the guitar tracks on "Destiny Street" were re-recorded and released as "Destiny Street Repaired", with guitarists Marc Ribot, Bill Frisell, and Ivan Julian playing with the original rhythm tracks. Also in 2009, Richard Hell gave his blessing to the public access program Pancake Mountain to create an animated music video for "The Kid with the Replaceable Head". It would be the Voidoids first, and only, official music video. The cut used for the animation appears on Hell's 2005 retrospective album, Spurts, The Richard Hell Story.




Billy Rath, bassist with Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, has died at the age of 66 after a long illness.
He replaced Richard Hell in the New York punk outfit in 1976 and appeared on the band’s iconic album LAMF in 1977. They were lined up to appear alongside the Sex Pistols on the British band’s doomed Anarchy In The UK tour, then split up later the same year.
The Heartbreakers continued to reform for occasional shows, but Rath bowed out in 1985 and did not return. After a short stint as a member of Iggy Pop’s band he retrained as a psychologist and began working as an addiction counsellor. He’d been working with his own band, Billy Rath’s Street Pirates, until his illness forced him to move into a care home. He left the facility to be with his family in his final days.
Commenting on the Heartbreakers' notoriety, the bassist said in a 2012 interview: “We didn't make trouble – we made and played NYC rock ’n’ roll. The Heartbreakers were a rock 'n' roll band, not a punk band that pushed anarchy. We wrote love songs, not fight songs.”
He added: “When I joined, in my opinion and others’, I completed the band. It was like I was the missing link that completed the sound they were looking for. The tension was gone and the magic started. Richard Hell needed to have his own sound – he was a poet and a very good one at that. That was the tension. I came along and completed the sound.”
Rath’s death leaves guitarist Walter Lure as the only surviving member of the classic Heartbreakers lineup.


RIP Tommy Ramone

RIP Tom Erdelyi aka TOMMY RAMONE (1949-2014). The last Ramone standing: drummer, producer, engineer, songwriter, sonic architect of one of the most influential bands in the history of Our Music. Sincere condolences to all family and friends. This image based on original cover photo by Roberta Bayley for debut album "Ramones" (Sire Records, 1976)


VA - Eternally Ours : A Tribute To The Saints (re-up)

VA Eternally Ours: A Tribute To The Saints CD 1999
Nomads: Demolition Girl / Scratch Bongowax: Wild About You / Phantom Rats: Lost & Found / Challenger 7: Bigs Hits On The Underground / Mono Men: Run Down / Jimmy Keith & His Shocky Horrors: Know Your Product / Bazooka: Orstralia / Safety Pins: Private Affair / Jeff Dahl: Messin' With The Kid / Spent Idols: Do The Robot / Th' Lunkheads: Kissin' Cousin / Onyas: L-I-E-S / Pussy Crutch: No Time / Switch Trout: Lipstick On Your Collar / Bittersweets: Story Of Love / Fifi & The Mach 3: I'm Stranded / Basement Brats: Wild About You / Gamma Men: One Way Street / X-Rays: Erotic Neurotic / Nashville Pussy: Misunderstood / Sator: This Perfect Day / Bellrays: Nights In Venice / Ed Kuepper: Everything's Fine / Campus Tramps: Demolition Girl.
Compiled & produced by K. & H. Sekiguchi.

An international tribute to the great Saints by the japanese & now defunct label 1+2 Records. From Sweden for The Nomads, Bazooka & Sator, Norway for The Bittersweets & The Basement Brats, Spain for Safety Pins, Japan for The Phantom Rats, Fifi & The Mach 3 & Switch Trout, Usa for The Mono Men, Jeff Dahl, The Gamma Men, Nashville Pussy, The Bellrays, Scratch Bongowax & The Spent Idols, Australia for Challenger 7, The Onyas & ex Saints guitarist Ed Kuepper, U.K. for Campus Tramps, Pussy Crutch, X-Rays & Th' Lunkheads, Germany for Jimmy Keith & The Shocky Horrors: a real international bunch ! They all celebrate one of the best punk band of 1977 !!!
Maybe the best tribute to this australian band which is always in activity ! Viva Chris Bailey & The Saints !!!

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GILLES TANDY - La Colère Monte

GILLES TANDY  La Colère Monte  LP  1986  CD 1990
Le Vampire / Disponibilité A Toute Heure / Touriste / Le Responsable (J. Dutronc) / A Demain / La Colére Monte / Ostende Sommeille / Le Dealer Est Un Ami / Les Crayons de Couleur (H. Aufray)* / John Wayne° / Cowboy Joe**.
* cd bonus track & B side of the 7'' "Le Vampire"
° B side of  the 7'': "Ostende Sommeille"
** from the compilation "Mon grand frère est un rocker"
Produced by Dominique Laboubée.
Recorded By Eric Débris & Jean Labbe.
Mixed By Dominique Laboubée & Eric Débris
Performers: Eric Tandy: vocals / Antoine Massy-Perrier: guitar / Charles Hurbier: keyboards? / Dominique Laboubée: guitar / Jean-Christian Villeneuve:?
Photography By Marina Obradovitch.
Sleeve By Hervé Di Rosa.

In the year 1986, the Dogs teamed up with a friend named Gilles Tandy to make a record called "La Colère Monte". Gilles Tandy had been in the French cult band the Olivensteins. The songs on this album are all sung in French by Tandy, and the album was released by New Rose records under his name, but Dominique and Antoine both contributed heavily to the songwriting and the guitar sound and overall atmosphere is strongly reminiscent of the Dogs (though with Tandy singing in French instead of Dominique in English there is at the same time a marked difference as well). (Source: nvkdrecords)




Tributes are flowing for much-loved Happy Hate Me Nots and former New Christs and Someloves member Christian Houllemare who has passed away.
A long-time Australian resident, the French-born bassist was found at his home in Sydney’s inner-west over the weekend.
One of the nicest guys on the Australian underground rock scene and a widely respected bass-player, Christian was a native of Le Havre and played in French melodic high energy band Bad Brains (no relation to the US outfit) before emigrating.
He joined Sydney's Happy Hate Me Nots and played on their best known recordings, re-joining band leader Paul Berwick in the re-constituted line-up in the ‘00s.
Christian was a member of the New Christs from 1992-2001 and played on the “We Got This” and “Lower Yourself” albums.
In 2000 he worked in Sydney as an interpreter for the French Olympic team and had been a long-term employee with the Australian Performing Arts Association (APRA), the royalty collection agency for musicians. The Barman
Source: I-94 BAR


MOTORCYCLE BOY - Popsicle (re-up)

MOTORCYCLE BOY Popsicle CD 1991 
Get around / Cool you and me / Feel it / Supersonic / Honalulu baby / One punch / Shak n' bones / Get some / She says / Come on / Suicide / Swamp stomp / What I want.
Produced by Sylvain Sylvain.

Motorcycle Boy: François : bass, vocals / John Blazing: guitar, vocals / Eden: guitar, vocals / K. Toye : sticks-n-chicks / Mr Ratboy : guitars / Vince Megarouni: saxaphone / S. Sylvain: romantic interlude.

So there was this impeccably stylish, incorrigible rogue named FRANCOIS, right? He had THE BEST HAIR IN ROCK'N'ROLL. A haircut that killed, man. He spent years charming the drinks off every girl in L.A., and he had this really cool, stripped-down kinda punkabilly band called MOTORCYCLE BOY. They specialized in these very rudimentary, but energetic, Bo-Diddley derivative glam romps, sorta like THE JONESES, without the death-trip. They were alot of fun and covered Elvis Presley's "Blue Christmas" and they were always nattily adorned in Cuban heels and sharkskin suit jackets and they wrote dumb Ramonesey songs about what a girl magnet their drummer, Kenney Toye was. All the girls loved Eden, too, but FRANCOIS' hair was always the real star of the show. Everybody loved them, even though they lacked a certain technical ability. These guys weren't musicians, these guys were PERSONALITIES. They played big, hollow-body guitars! They had perfect haircuts! They were stars! They had PRESENCE! You know those goggles that Nikki Sixx wore on his head in the "Dr.Feelgood" video? He copped that whole vibe off FRANCOIS! Francois just oozes panache. The phrase "Personality King" was first coined to describe Francois.

Enter MISTER RATBOY: a Thunders-style guitar virtuoso from Switzerland, who'd grown up loving 70's prog-rock bands like Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator. After a month long "audition" that Ratboy once described as being more like a drinking contest, with Francois asking all the local foxes if they thought Ratboy was "cute enough". All the local foxes and Francois' unstoppable hair-do finally agreed that Mister Ratboy had what it takes to be a MOTORCYCLE BOY!
Then, former N.Y. DOLL, SYLVAIN SYLVAIN, came into the picture, producing their highly anticipated debut for Triple X Records. In between the usual Motorcycle Boy life-style hijinks and sending Syl out for more cheeseburgers and onion rings, the world famous Mister Ratboy managed to somehow harness all that FRANCOIS personality long enough to capture a brand new, sleeker, high-performance, MOTORCYCLE BOY model. Most of the songs stayed short and sweet, catchy and upbeat- like "SUICIDE" ("If you love me, it's like suicide") and "THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS". The theme to most of these songs seemed to be summed up best by the simple line, "She's tired of me sleepin' all over town." The trials and tribulations of playing the wicked rogue'. Apparently, it ain't all roses. Every song smokes! Each tune's a classic in it's own way, even the throwaways "Swamp Stomp" and "Honolulu Baby" (club days Van Halen title) were contagiously fun.At some point during the making of this album, however, egos flared. FRANCOIS' HAIRCUT kinda havin' a showdown with RATBOY'S RIFF. (Cue: N.Y. DOLLS "SHOWDOWN").

FRANCOIS immediately replaced Ratboy with some guy that just wasn't very good, and charmed the record label into reshooting the album cover with the new guy. When the record was released, Ratboy was merely listed as one of several "additional musicians", in spite of nearly single-handedly master-minding the entire winning formula- from bringing all the hooks to the table, to "helping" Syl produce, to conceptualizing the same photos that were later reshot without him. "POPSICLE" remains one of the most enduringly listenable, and highly influential, rock'n'roll albums of the past 15 years. Today, you can most vividly hear the impact MOTORCYCLE BOY had on current bands like the STAR SPANGLES. Various artists, such as the New Bomb Turks, the Dishes, and Bebe Buell have all covered their unforgettable songs.
in Flash Metal Suicide by The Great Sleazegrinder


BRIAN SETZER - Live Nude Guitar

BRIAN SETZER  Live Nude Guitar  CD  1988
Red Lightning Blues / Rockability / Rebelene / Nervous Breakdown / Every Tear That Falls / Temper Sure Is Risin' / When The Sky Comes Tumblin' Down / She Thinks I'm Trash / Love Is Repaid By Love Alone / Rosie In The Middle / So Young, So Bad, So What / The Rain Washed Everything Away.
Produced by L. Paine, B. Setzer, D. A. Stewart & C. Thomas.
Brian Setzer: guitar & vocals / Tommy Byrnes: bass / Jerry Angel, Olle Romo, Denny Fongheiser: drums / Bruce Willis: harmonica / Frank Marino: accordian / Marc Levy & Wendy Fraser: background vocals.

After the Stray Cats broke up, Brian Setzer took a long walk from his rockabilly past with his first solo album, 1986's The Knife Feels Like Justice, but while it was a fine LP and a modest success, later that year the Stray Cats reunited for the first of many times to record Rock Therapy, and by the time Setzer made his way back to the studio on his own, he'd seemingly grown tired of his new heartland rock gestures and dove back into the retro style that had made his name. While 1988's "Live Nude Guitars" leans toward rockabilly and uptempo roots rock, the production (mostly by Setzer and Larson Paine, though Dave Stewart and Chris Thomas work on a few tracks) is a lot slicker than anything the Stray Cats ever put to wax, and the big, glossy sound of "Rockability," "Red Lightning Blues," and "She Thinks I'm Trash" tends to work against the songs, and the synthesizer line and drum machine on "When the Sky Comes Tumblin' Down" are simply cringe-inducing.

Setzer does offer a few flashes of the more contemplative direction of The Knife Feels Like Justice on "Every Tear That Falls" and "Love Is Repaid by Love Alone," but they don't work especially well in this context, and the widescreen ballad "The Rain Washed Everything Away" is an odd closer for the album. Setzer demonstrates some typically fine guitar work on Live Nude Guitars, but it's a creative hodgepodge that desperately needs a cleaner focus, and suggests he was in need of a new creative direction; the next time Setzer was heard from as a solo artist, he was fronting his big band, the Brian Setzer Orchestra.


DIG IT! N° 61

DIG IT! N° 61

RODDY RAY'DA & THE SURFIN' CAESARS ‎- Mouthful Of Chicken + Orgazmatazz

RODDY RAY'DA & THE SURFIN' CAESARS ‎ Mouthful Of Chicken +  Orgazmatazz CD 1993
Hotwired And Loaded / Midnight Moses / She's A Wanker / Bible On Fire / Bootleg Love / Gotta Hardon / Out Of It / Love Lies On The Wings Of A Butterfly / The Ballad Of Diablo Ruderfinger / Hammer That Motor* / Mountainman* / Galaxy Gals* / Eveready Man* / Hellcats Howl* / Over Under Sideways Down* / Evil Woman In A Mini Skirt* / Tequilla Wipeout* / Lost, Lonely & Vicious*.
*Bonus Tracks From The Vinyl Only "Orgazmatazz".
Produced by Phil Hall.
Roddy Ray'Da & The Surfin' Caesars: Roddy Ray'da: guitar / Jim Leone: bass / John McKay: drums / Nick "Lobstar" Potts: guitar, mellotron, harmonica / Bob Sattler: lead guitar / Chris Masuak: piano / Phil Hall: rhythm guitar, slide guitar.

Roddy Radalj’s influence on Australian punk rock is as significant as it is enigmatic. Born in country West Australia to immigrant parents, Radalj came of musical age in the potent and parochial Perth punk scene of the mid to late 1970s, alongside such punk rock legends as Kim Salmon, James Baker, Dave Faulkner and Boris Sudjovic.
Despite having a musical pedigree that reads like a first edition expose of Australian rock’n’roll – founding member of The Scientists, The Johnnys, Le Hoodoo Gurus and The Dubrovniks – Radalj’s position in Australian music history continues to be overshadowed by his propensity for leaving his bands just as they were on the brink of making the leap from cult interest to critical and commercial success.
Having left The Dubrovniks in the late 1980s, Radalj forged out on his own with some new rare-as-hen’s-teeth solo records, before returning to his native Western Australia in the mid 1990s. Radalj’s most recent album, "Guns, Girls and Guitars" (Timberyard Records) surprised many of his fans with its blend of surf, garage and eclectic European styles. But in many ways it was his quintessential record – for with Radalj, the only attribute that’s to be expected is the unexpected. Source

Born in Dubrovnik, Croatia, former Yugoslavia, Radalj got his start with Perth punk band The Exterminators who, via The Invaders, eventually became The Scientists in May 1978. Their earliest line-up were Kim Salmon (later a crucial member of the Beasts of Bourbon and The Surrealists) and ex-Victims drummer James Baker. Radalj stayed long enough in The Scientists to appear on their debut single, "Frantic Romantic", long regarded as one of the most collectable artefacts of the Australian punk rock era.
His next band Rockets issued one single, "Mean Mistress" before Roddy relocated to Sydney where, in January 1981, he joined Baker, Dave Faulkner (another Perth expatriate and ex-leader of the Victims) and Kimble Rendall (ex-XL Capris) as founders of Le Hoodoo Gurus. Their debut single, "Leilani" on the Phantom label (October, 1982) was an instant classic: it had three lead guitars and no bass. Just as the single appeared Radalj left the band (which became Hoodoo Gurus) to form irreverent cow-punk trio The Johnnys, nevertheless he had been a Guru long enough to have co-written with Faulkner several outstanding songs - "Leilani", "(Let's All) Turn On", "Arthur" and "Death Ship" - which appeared on the band's 1984 debut album, "Stoneage Romeos". Hoodoo Gurus iconic status on the Australian rock scene was acknowledged when they were inducted into the 2007 ARIA Hall of Fame.
Once again, Radalj only remained long enough with The Johnnys to appear on one single, "I Think You're Cute".

In 1985, Radalj together with James Baker (ex Hoodoo Gurus) released a single, a cover of The Troggs’ "I Can’t Control Myself" with an original, "Born to Be Punched" on the B-side. The single was credited to The James Baker Experience. In 1986 Radalj teamed up again with Baker (by then ex-Beasts of Bourbon), plus Boris Sujdovic (ex-Rockets, The Scientists, Beasts of Bourbon) and Peter Simpson (ex-Spectre's Revenge) as the Adorable Ones. Within a year the Adorable Ones had renamed themselves the Dubrovniks in honour of the fact that both Radalj and Sujdovic had been born in the historical Croatian city of Dubrovnik. The band's clattering yet accessible rock'n'roll appealed on record in the shape on two 1988 singles for the Citadel label, "Fireball of Love" and "My Coo Ca Choo" and contributed to their album Dubrovnik Blues before Radalj was involved in fisticuffs onstage at the Greek Theatre in Melbourne and he moved on again. His next sideline project, the Punjabbers, issued one single, "Rock'n'Roll Loveletters", on the original Timberyard label in 1988.

With backing from his own band, Roddy Ray'Da & the Surfin' Caesars (including Bill Gibson (ex-Eastern Dark), Gye Bennetts (ex-Tablewaiters) and Jim Leone and Paul Larsen from the Celibate Rifles), Radalj released his debut solo album in 1989. Produced by ex-Radio Birdman and Hitmen member Chris Masuak, "Lost Lonely and Vicious" was an immediate success on the Australian independent charts. As well as producing the single "Dynamite Party" the album included a rip-roarin’ cover of the Dictators’ "Master Race Rock". The second album, "Orgazmatazz", was brimming with dexterous trash rock and a healthy sense of the absurd, as epitomised by tracks such as "Hammer the Motor", "Hellcat's Howl", "Galaxy Girl" and "Evil Woman in a Mini Skirt". Guitarist John Freckleton replaced Bill Gibson for the "Orgazmatazz" line up.
Following one more album in 1993, "Mouthful of Chicken", Radalj returned to Perth in order to attend to family matters.

In 2005 he released "Guns Girls & Guitars" on the Timberyard Records label, the album was put together over a lengthy period, in four different studios, with the aid of fellow musicians Murry Cook, Matt Reddell, Mick Radalj, Simon Goodridge, Reg Zar, Lucy DeSoto, Rose Tattoo's Pete Wells, Chris Welsh, Bob Spencer and others. In late 2006 Radalj formed his latest band, The Smokin’ Eldorados, sharing guitar and vocal duties with Matthew de la Hunty (Tall Tales and True), and initially with drummer Reg Zar (The Elks, Bhundu Boys and with Jeff Martin from The Tea Party) and bassist James Rogers (The Fault, Harlequin League). Rogers being replaced with Laurie Sinagra (sound engineer, who has worked with Jebediah, Downsyde, Dom Mariani, Sodastream, Gyroscope and Turnstyle) and Zar with Tim Bates.
Source Wikipedia
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