DROOGS - Change is gonna come

DROOGS Change is gonna come / Waitin' for my man sp 1984 Plug n Socket records wav
Produced by Earle Mankey.
Droogs : Ric Albin : vocals / Roger Clay : guitar / David Provost : bass / Jon Gerlach : drums.

Los Angeles-based band, The Droogs's greatest success has come in Europe. While their garage band approach has yet to capture an American audience, their recordings have received an enthusiastic response overseas. German record label, Music Maniac, reissued their albums, "Mad Dog Dreams" and "Guerrilla Love-In", and released a compilation of their singles, "Anthology". Their 1997 album, "Atomic Garage", was released by the Spain-based Impossible Records label . Formed in the early-1970s, the Droogs chose a cover of Sonic's "He's Waiting" for their debut single in 1973 . Their second single, released five years later, "Set My Love On You", showcased the songwriting of vocalist Ric Albin and his brother and guitarist, Roger Clay. Other original tunes were included on the multi-artist samplers, "Saturday Night Pogo", in 1978, and "Ahead Of My Time", the following year.The Droogs experienced a major change with the arrival of former Textones and Dream Syndicate bassist and keyboards player, Dave Provost in the early-1980s. Provost made his presence felt on a four song EP, "Heads Examined", in 1983 and their debut full-length album, "Stone Cold World", in 1984 . Although their future appeared secure, after singing with the PVC/Jem label, the Droogs continued to find fame evasive. While touring the Midwest, in support of their 1987 album, "Kingdom Day", the label declared bankruptcy and went out of business. Like many American bands, the Droogs found their greatest success in Europe. One of their most avid collectors, Hans Kesteloo of Germany's Music Maniac label, compiled the band's early singles on one album, Anthology. Music Maniac has also released their first two albums, produced by Earle Mankey, on one CD, as well as ""Mad Dog Dreams" (1989) and "Guerrilla Love-In" (1991), produced by Paul B. Cutler, with guest guitar collaborations from Dean Chamberlain and Karl Precoda; and vocal duets with Steve Wynn and Carla Olson. After building a solid following in Europe, the Droogs turned their focus back on the United States, releasing an album"Want Something", in 1990, that included tracks from their European albums and bonus tracks. "Atomic Garage", their seventh album, marks a return to the Droogs' distinctive songwriting .
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