THE PARANOIACS - Sometimes teenage is spelt T.N.T.

THE PARANOIACS Sometimes teenage is spelt T.N.T. cd 1988 Play it again Sam 320 kbps
Song for Debbie H. / Frantic romantic / I gotta go / The summer's here / Lonely days are gone / Be my baby / What would you say / Unchain my heart / You lied to me before / There's no place for lonely people / Bye bye baby / Lying all the time .
Produced by Allard Jolles.
The Paranoiacs : Hans Stevens : vocals, guitar / Jonas Maes : guitar / Axl Peleman : bass / Stef De Rijcke : drums / Rafke Stevens : organ .
This debut album of the Paranoiacs is a compilation of two earlier released mini-albums "We're the teenage lovers" (1987) and "Sometime Teenage is Spelt T.N.T." (1988).
The Paranoiacs are a belgium rock band born at the end ot the 80's . They have released three more albums : "Bananas" with his superb cover in 1989 , "Thirteen" in 1992 & in the late nineties they made a comeback first with a 6 song EP on their self label Fuck You Records then with "7 day weekend" (1999) on I Scream Records . A live bootleg "Live at Itterbeek" followed in 2002 . The band is still in activity

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THE PARANOIACS Sometimes teenage is spelt T.N.T. 320 kbps + covers

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nice album,thanks

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Thankx for this post. Great music, superb Scientists cover and thanx for the great scan.

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Many thanks, great rock and roll in this blog, as usual.