THE TRILOBITES American T.V. cd 1997 Citadel records 320 kbps

Night of the many deaths / Venus in leather / I can see / Legacy of morons / Dress in black (live) / American T.V. / Amphetamine dream / Living by a different yardstick / Jenny's wake / Piece of shit (live).
Produced by Alan Thorne, Chris Masuak , Rob Younger.
The Trilobites : Mike Dalton : vocals / Paul Skates : guitar /Martin Martini : guitar /Scott Leighton : bass / Paul Steeman : drums.
Sydney five-piece , The Trilobites grew out of that city's push towards the kind of guitar driven raunch'n'roll which was directly descended from Detroit bands like MC 5 and the Stooges . Yet the Trilobites always infused their aggressive, garage rock sound with a punchy , 1960s-influenced power pop sensibility , that highlighted the tuneful harmonies and strong melodies on offer. The Citadel label issued the band's first two, classic singles : "Venus in leather" (1985) & "American T.V." (1986). Both singles reached #1 on the alternative charts , and the band toured to a strong response . The both songs appeared on the Citadel's essential compilation "Take everything , leave nothing" (march 1988) . In the meantime , the Trilobites had signed a new deal with the Big Time label which resulted in the single "Night of the many deaths" (may 1987).
At the end of the year , the band issued it's debut album , the live set "Turn it around" on the Waterfront label . Waterfront also put out the Trilobites fourth single "Jenny's wake" (june 1988) .
I. McFarlane in the "Encyclopedia of Australian rock & pop"

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THE TRILOBITES : American T.V. 320 kbps + covers

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Anonyme a dit…

good taste !

Anonyme a dit…

a NIFTY upload! I have all the vinyl singles, so it's cool to get these digital.....they signed to the terribly named RooArt Records in 1989, and put out a full length release called "Savage Mood Swing" which, tho less garagey, was still solid....their lead singer left at some point, and they were back on Citadel I think, for their last release "Lost Generation" which to my ears, isn't as good, but nonetheless, THANKS much for this upload!!! Jim

Anonyme a dit…

fait peter les singles jim

((( dO.Ob )))

thx !!

davep a dit…

like one of other comments i have all the TRILOBITES vinyl but its great to have em on disc.thanks for this & all your posts.
do you have the TRILOBITES 'LETS PUMP' cassette they put out i think before 1st single?
if you do be great if you could post that.
GARAGELAND blog put it up in a post
but the files dont work.i asked them to re up it but no answer.ive downloaded it about 15 times to try different source/different extractions with no luck.
if youve got it id really appreciate you posting it.thanks again. ps is 'twilight zone' gone?

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Many thankx for this great.

Anonyme a dit…

There is a Trilobites group on Facebook. They have the "Let's Pump" cassette as MP3 files.