DROOGS - Heads Examined

DROOGS Heads Examined Mini lp 1983 Closer 320 kbps
98 steps / You must be a witch / Garden of my mind / Only game in town / Train she's on / Born to be wild .
Produced by the Droogs .
Droogs : Ric Albin : vocals & harmonica / Roger Clay : guitars / David Provost : bass / Phil Cohen : drums & tambourines + Tom Morgan (Textones) : keyboards .
If your tastes embrace a Yardbirds/Blue Oyster Cult combo with a dollop of punk and a spoonful of '60s garage rock, you'll eat up the Droogs alive. As charter members of the Best Kept Secrets In Rock Club, they've been together in Los Angeles since 1972, releasing a series of stunning neo-garage 45s on their own label long before anyone thought of either pillaging the '60s or rolling their own indie singles. Later they moved on to albums and a more conventional, '70s-oriented hard-rock sound (not always to their aesthetic benefit), but they've never made anything remotely resembling a bad record. Singer Ric Albin wields a classic rock snarl, and his lyrical twists repay close attention ...

Artwork cd by Max !

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DROOGS "Heads Examined" 320 kbps + artwork cd by Max

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

jes a dit…

haaaa ça c'est cool d'avoir mis les Droogs, je vais me l'écouter en vrai ce soir. mp3 from vinyl Closer, ou d'un CD (??)


la plus part des titres viennent de "Anthology" cd Music Maniac

Anonyme a dit…

Oh!! Fantastic mini lp. Great 80s band. Tahnkx.