THE BAD RACKETS - Full on blown apart

THE BAD RACKETS Full on blown apart cd 2005 Mortville records 320 kbps
Couple million miles / Porno magazines / Just another girl / Fashion show / Traci / Cult / Everybody's a loser / Eye on you / Candydish / High school love / Shut it off / Atom smasher, part I / Atom Smasher, part II.
Produced by the Bad Rackets.
The Bad Rackets : Kevin Owens : bass , vocals / Tim Trentham : drums, backing vocals / Bob Widenhofer : guitars, vocals / Clint Shay : guitar , backing vocals + DamnItDave Jensen did guitar & backing vocals.
Punk Rock that actually rocks... Powerpop powered by snarling guitars and adolescent fury... Garage that's not retro, and faces forward with a fresh sneer of its own. Melodies written at the altar of the Ramones and the Buzzcocks, guitar echoes of Cheetah Chrome and Johnny Thunders, and a rhythm section that could’ve belonged to the Damned or the Saints. Behind Bob’s slashing guitars and snot-powered vocals, stands a long history that includes recording with GG Allin (Carnival of Excess, Hated) and a Killed By Florida name-check. Kevin’s howling vocals and throbbing bass lines have made their way through a 10+ year litany of Texas punk bands, including the Convulsions and the Lusties. Tim’s powerhouse drumming carries the weight of more than a dozen years drumming in the barrooms of Austin with the likes of Victims of Leisure, Sore Losers, Barleypop, Daddy’s Drunk and Suburban Terror Project. A true veteran guitar hero, Clint’s accomplishments are as recent as his stint in Houston’s Gun Crazy, and as distant as his teenaged audition for Austin icons MDC. The Bad Rackets: a new Texas legend in the making.
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The Bad Rackets : Full blown apart 320 kbps + covers

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