CHEMICAL DOGS - Sympathy for G.G.

SINGLES CHEMICAL DOGS Sympathy for G.G. : Gimme some head /Dead or alive sp 1990 S.F.T.R.I. wav
To some, G.G. Allin was the ultimate symbol of rock & roll rebellion, taking it to extremes that no one else was dangerous enough to explore. To others, he was a lunatic whose attempts to shock and disgust were too ham-fisted to be taken seriously. Wherever the truth lay, there can be no doubt that Allin was the most spectacular degenerate in rock & roll history. Music was almost incidental to his violent, scatological stage act, which got him arrested over 50 times for a litany of offenses, and made Iggy Pop's antics with the Stooges look like The Donny & Marie Show. Rarely performing for more than 10-20 minutes before clubs shut him down, Allin usually took the stage in a jockstrap and wound up nude; he beat himself bloody with broken bottles, torn cans, and microphones (when he wasn't trying to shove the latter up his own ass); he attacked and was attacked by his own audience; he urinated on the stage, on his band, on the audience; he frequently took laxatives before shows in order to defecate on the stage, after which he generally ate his own feces or threw them at the audience; and yet, somehow, he still found audience members willing to perform oral sex on him on-stage. Needless to say, he also ingested enormous amounts of booze and drugs, served several prison terms, and even promised to commit suicide on-stage on Halloween (he died of an overdose in 1993 before he could follow through). AMC
Chemical People joined up with Jeff Dahl in 1989 and formed the Chemical Dolls to release this limited edition 7-inch as a benefit project for the then imprisoned G.G. Allin. They cover two G.G. Allin tunes. Dead wax inscriptions are "Every cop is a ciminal", "And all the sinners saints".

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CHEMICAL DOLLS (Chemical People + Jeff Dahl) : Sympathy for G.G. WAV + covers

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King kimmel a dit…

what a sick guy.
i watched some vids at you tube about him.ahh i think he is not very interesting/important for rock'n roll!!!
he is a blender.
but this is just my opinion.free world free minds...

Mihaleez a dit…

Re-up man! I don't how I missed this..? Crap!