THE VOODOO DOLLS - Not for sale

THE VOODOO DOLLS Not for sale cd 1992 Helter Skelter 320 kbps
Not for sale / I've got nothing / Lido beach / Turn the lights on / She won't sleep well tonight / Just like Romeo & Juliet / Bonedog / This town makes me feel so lonely / Junk drawer / The good part's over / I lost her number / Crush on me* / 1-2-5 / I ran out of luck / Number two / Bad feeling / Gone , gone , gone / Sorry .
Produced by Aram Heller , except for * : Steve Malone.
The Voodoo Dolls : Cam Ackland : vocals , harmonica / David Harrison : guitar / Evan Shore : guitar , vocals / Bob Martel : bass , vocals / Bruce Pierce : drums .

Had The Voodoo Dolls formed in, say, 1997, rather than 1987, they likely would have been riding the modern garage-rock popularity wave with the likes of The Hives, The Mooney Suzuki, The Hellacopters etc. They had great songs (mostly thanks to guitarist Evan Shore, now of Muck & the Mires, then formerly of The Pets, The House Pets, and The Queers), dueling guitars (courtesy of Shore and Dave Hollywood Harrison), and a great lead vocalist in the form of ex- Prime Mover ,Cam Ackland. Rhythm section? Well, they were always great, but the rhythm section changed rather often in this band. One night in Bethlehem, PA, Original Sins leader JT said of them : " This must be what it was like to see the MC5". These guys were a POWERFUL rockn’roll band.

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THE VOODOO DOLLS "Not for sale" 320kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

YankeeBoy a dit…

Thanks man, another amazing band that I used to see all the time. Evan Shore is an amazing songwriter and vocalist. His new band Muck & The Mires is also really great - a little more poppy and not quite as garagey as The Voodoo Dolls.

Capitain Poon a dit…

Thanks for this Midnight. Great album. Cheers and beers

Frank Miller a dit…

I was a big fan of the Prime Movers . It's nice to see that maybe someone else was. Have you ever heard any of the voodoo dolls earlier singles ? I have a couple and they were all pretty good.
great blog keep up the good work!!!

Anonyme a dit…

Great sounds!!!. Yeah!!! Some tracks are reminiscent of Dictators. Many thankx.

dave p a dit…

thanks for all your great posts.
love this album.got it on vinyl and cd.but great to see it here.
always thought these guys were very underated.'this town makes me feel so lonely' coulda/shoulda been a hit.
the recent PRIME MOVERS album 'back in line' is well worth tracking down too.thanks again

Anonyme a dit…

Heard them on WFMU something like 15-20 years ago and ALWAYS REMEMBERED because the songs were that good. Made some vague searches over the years and am very happy to find this here.