THE ORIGINAL SINS - Self destruct

THE ORIGINAL SINS Self destruct cd 1990 320 kbps
Do it / Looking at the sun / Feel / Nowhere to go (from here to down) /Alice D. / Higher / Rise / Black hole / Disclaimer / Coca-cola (sweet)* / Juicy fruit*.
Produced by John Telersky with Dave Stein .
The Original Sins : Ken: bass / Dave : drums / J.T. : guitar , vocals / Dan : organ.

The rocking Bethlehem, Pennsylvania garage that incubated the Original Sins hasn't had a new coat of paint or even a serious spring cleaning in ages. Led by diminutive howler/guitarist J.T. (John Terlesky), the quartet — which didn't change, lineup-wise, save for one drummer change, between its 1987 debut and 1996's Bethlehem — has stayed true to its chosen era, re-creating the down and dirty organ-fueled excitement and atmosphere of '60s punk bands like the Standells and Seeds. Synthesizing convincing originals from standard ingredients, the Sins have been remarkably consistent in their quality control, trying new vintages now and then but keeping stylistic ambition from overtaking them (like the Chesterfield Kings) while steering clear of the sense that they've done it all before (like the Lyres).
After the modest and concise garage freakouts of the first two albums, "Self Destruct" (dedicated to, among others, "everyone who knows anger can be fun") delivers a surprising level of domineering intensity, beginning with the cover photo of J.T. with a grin on his face and a pistol held to his head. The new-sound Sins are a snarling psychedelic powerhouse, a thickly seething cauldron of hyperactive feedback and wah-wah, rabid vocals, galloping rhythms and lyrics about drugs and sex. Some of the longer songs (the teetering-on-the-brink "Black Hole" " captures acid-rock's disorienting chaos with a visceral impact few other bands can touch. The two CD/cassette bonuses are from a 1990 single

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THE ORIGINAL SINS "Self destruct" 320 kbps + covers

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YankeeBoy a dit…

Way WAY cool! These guys used to play NYC a lot back in the day and when they were running on all cylinders (which was most of the time), there was nobody better. I miss these guys. "Not Gonna Be Alright" from their first album is still one of my favorite songs ever.

limburg a dit…

Hey, I didn´t even know that this one existed!!!!!

Thanks for all the great posts and sorry for not leaving coments very often.

Anonyme a dit…

one of my favorite records ever! thanks!

valnera a dit…

I just listen it. But in vynil. I want to have it in pc.

valnera a dit…

Fabulous album!