THE HOT DOGS ! - Rock 'n' roll army 69

THE HOT DOGS ! Rock 'n' roll army 69 cd 1999 Safety Pin records 320 kbps
The return of Hankie / Roadstar / Colour gun baby / Rock 'n'roll army 69 / Days like this / Night time lovers / Gimmie more / Motorballs / Iker , Antziñe , Iñigo & me / The ugliest dog / Las reinas del fosforo .
Produced by Mikel Biffs.
The Hot Dogs! : Jon Iturbe : vocals / Iñigo Agirrebalzategi : guitar , backing vocals / Iñaki Urizabal : drums / Iker Álvarez : bass , backing vocals / José Luis Aparicio : guitar , backing vocals.

"The Hot Dogs! are a band from Basque Country commanded by charismatic Jon Iturbe. As the title goes, you know what you are going to find here. Only faster, louder and better!!!" Munster Rds
"The Hot Dogs! llevan en sus cromosomas la impronta genética de Rolling Stones , Bowie , Stooges , Bolan , N. Y. Dolls , Mott The Hoople y burning" Ruta 66
"It's absolutely fuckin' great Glam Punk Rock & Roll!!!! really love it " Jeff Dahl

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THE HOT DOGS "Rock'n'roll army 69" 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

Excellent post, I love this band and have all the vinyl. You should post the 1st ep, too. Thanks!


I will post their 1st ep with pleasure ... but I don't have it !