THE VIKINGS - The best head ever

THE VIKINGS The best head ever cd Just add water 320 kbps
Disc 1 : Rock all / Surrender / Savage / Just Head / My friend's little sister / No limp dick / Let her dance / Cool to rock / Four eyes / Let's go / Push & stomp / 5,4,3,2, Baby you're the one / Bad to be good / Summer of hate / Tonight / The fly / Stop it / Hard knox high / Strikeout king / First time / High time */ Good head* Next big thing* / Wannamaker*.
Disc 2 : The Vikings "Live head" at Last Train , Oslo Norway , March 1996
Savage / Hosebag / Next big thing / Rock all / High time / Good head / Tonight / My friend's little sister /Surrender / No limp dick / First time .
Produced by The Vikings .
The Vikings : Steve Baise : lead vocals & bass / Morten Henriksen : guitar & backing vocals / Thomas Seltzer : drums / Knute Schreiner : guitar / Thomas Dahl : drums *.
The Vikings are Steve Baise from the Devil Dolls , Morten Henriksen of the Cosmic Dropouts & the Yum Yum's & Happy Tom and Thomas Dahl from Turbonegro !!! What a band !
First off, the Vikings get massive points for their knowledge of history and word origins. The word berserk is from the old Norse, meaning the Vikings' greatest warriors, a suitably forbidding painting of whom serves as the album's cover. However, the group doesn't really do justice to either band name or album title; the ramalama {punk-pop} of "Go Berserk!" is unfailingly entertaining in the best Ramones/Undertones tradition, but it's not nearly wild-eyed enough to live up to the billing. Let's just point out that one of the Norwegian band's best songs is actually a cover of the Bay City Rollers hit "Let's Go" Covers of Cheap Trick's anthem "Surrender" and "Just Head" by the Boston punk obscurities the Nervous Eaters are also worthy additions to poppy originals like "My Friend's Little Sister" and "Summer of Hate". This compilation, gathering just about everything the short-lived group recorded, is a guaranteed fun time. ~ Stewart Mason- All Music Guide
The Vikings : part 2 here !

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THE VIKINGS : The best head ever 320 kbps + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Capitain Poon a dit…

The Superalbum!!!!! Great!! Cheers and beers mate.

vex_voxtone a dit…

This album is brilliant ... it is actually norwegian punk rock supergroup :)
I've only read and heard about this band but never was able to hear it ... thanx to you now I have that opportunity.
THANX so much man

Anonyme a dit…

can you re-up part1 please?


Part 1 is still alive & well !
Like always here you get
part 1 by clicking on the title of the post & part 2 at the end of the post ...

Christ a dit…

The Vikings were an amazingly cool Rock'n'Roll band! Just wanna point out that the good man Steve Baise of course didn't play with Devil Dolls, as you claim in the post. He was one of the pillars in The Devil DOGS :)

Good post, though.
Oh and GREAT blog!


Yeah for sure, you're right: it's the Devil "Dogs" that I wanted to write...

Honquijote a dit…

I actually own "Go Berserk!" CD but this one gives me also their EPs. :-D
So thanks again for sharing...!