THE BAMBOOS - Rarer than rocking horse shit

THE BAMBOOS Rarer than rocking horse shit lp 1987 Cleopatra flac
Partner / Snuff / Virginia / Dead girl / In the bamboos* / Strange territory* / Law of a gun* / Hunt me down* / Serious drinking* / Drink highway* .
Produced by the Bamboos.
The Bamboos : Craig Hallsworth : accoustic & electric guitars , vocals / Greg Hitchcock : vocals, electric & slide guitars / Roger Russel : guitar on* / Tony Ciallella : drums on all titles except "Dead girl" : Shakir Pichler/ Mark Gelmi : bass , vocals .

" This Bamboos lp has all the tracks from the original cassette only demo tape and both sides of the first single ("Snuff"/"Virginia"). What a pity that no one has actually gotten around to putting this lot together officially. Unfortunately this is just a collection of amateur analogue to digital transfers, distilled by a mate from his old Bamboos vinyl and neither offered nor intended for sale to the public, but even given the relatively lo-fi nature of the underlying technology behind this disc, these songs still sound remarkably fresh.
The Bamboos repertoire was a strange mixture of upbeat cowpunk, sometimes bordering on downright poppy ("Snuff" in particular has a distinct Hoodoo Gurus atmosphere about it), underpinning some extremely dark lyrics. I hesitate to speculate about what private fixations or frustrations might have led Craig Hallsworth to write so many songs about dead and dying women (and even one that isn't still "loves a graveyard in the rain").
I think there's fairly widespread agreement that the evocative and haunting "With Which To Love You" was their finest moment, but there were plenty of other moments worth celebrating and preserving too. I'm thinking particularly of "Law Of A Gun", "Drunk Highway", "To Hell With Love" and "Born Killer".
So what's the point of me telling you about a record that you can't buy because no one has both enough interest and sufficient funds to release it? None really; I just wanted to talk to someone about it and I figured that this here country muster was the only chance I am ever likely to get..." I-94 Bar

"Rarer The Rocking Horseshit" is a vinyl reissue of what used to be a cassette only demo tape. It sounds real good, too...much better than cassette-only releases usually sound. The first side shows the Bamboos as good as they can be, and they can really be good. Stuff like "Drunk Highway" and "Serious Drink" leaves you feeling that if the Long Ryders could play this sort of stuff as well, they'd have gone somewhere with it...these songs really burn with their dark country punk feel. But then they bring you back down with stuff like what's on side two, which has both sides of the first 45, the fairly duff "Partner", and another track, "Dead Girl" that is musically nowhere but has some really funny lines (like "When I'm with you I feel so alive").

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THE BAMBOOS "Rarer than rocking horse shit" flac + artwork cd by MAX !

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Rob-Trav a dit…

GREAT STUFF!! The Bamboos, Roddy Rayda and Exploding White Mice.

Thanks Again - Rob.

chris a dit…

hm, i think track 8 + 9 are damaged. any chgance of reposting these?

it's such a great album. thanks for that!

chris a dit…

Hey there. Songs 8 and 9 are damaged. Any chance of getting these reposted? Thanks for the Album, it's a real winner! :)

RSquared a dit…

yes, I could not get songs 8 and 9 either. The Bamboos were a great band. Thank you for making their stuff available!

Rsquared a dit…

Three more Bamboos songs here, Cooking With George comp, including different versions of songs from their other records:



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Chris & rsquared I will repost it ...

chris a dit…

THANKS!!!(again) :)

pyramidiac a dit…

Download not working at all for me now - clicking on title just takes me back to the post, and part 2 not linking at all!

RSquared a dit…

Thank you - this is my favorite music blog!



Anonyme a dit…

Just discovered your awesome blog - any chance of re-uploaind the Bamboos 'Rarer than Rocking Horse Shit' album?