SINGLES THE BAMBOOS Snuff / Virginia sp 1986 Citadel records flac
Produced by The Bamboos.
The Bamboos : Craig Hallsworth : guitar, vocals / Greg Hitchcock : vocals, guitar / Shakir
Pichler : drums / Mark Gelmi : bass .
The Bamboos were formed in 1984 by Craig Hallsworth in the West Australian township of Collie. The band consisted of Hallsworth (guitar, vocals), Mark Gelmi (bass), Roger Russell (guitar) and Tony Chiallella (drums). In 1985 Russell was replaced by Greg Hitchcock (The Go-Starts) and in 1986 Chiallella was replaced by Shakir Pichler (The Kryptonics). The band’s brand of raw guitar trash and country-swamp rock caught the attention of Citadel Records boss John Needham and they went on to record and release the single "Snuff", the flexi-disk "Dead Girl", the mini lp "Born Killer" and the album "Rarer Than Rocking Horse Shit".
After two national tours Pichler left to form his own rockabilly band The Howlin MoonDoggies and was replaced by Russell Hopkinson. Some of the bands that they play support for include The Lime Spiders, Johnny Thunders, The Dammed, The Johnnys, Hoodoo Gurus , The Cramps...
The band is chiefly remembered today for the number of ex-members who have gone to feature prominently in high profile Australian artists :
-Graig Hallsworth went on to form The Healers, Wild Palms, Zuvuya, Outstation and Tangled Star.
-Greg Hitchcock went on to play with The Neptunes, The Kryptonics, New Christs, The Verys, Challenger 7, You Am I, The Dearhunters, and The Monarchs.
-Russell Hopkinson joined Nursery Crimes and then You Am I. Hopkinson has also played with Australian punk act Radio Birdman and manages record label and distribution company Reverberation Records.
-Shakir Pichler formed The Howlin MoonDoggies, Fink, Brutal Pancho and toured with Amphetish and US band Wish You Weres. Pichler also established his own record label, Sexbeat Records and has appeared in a number of feature films, Mission Impossible II, On Our Selection, Fat Pizza: The Movie and television series Nightmares and Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King. Wikipedia
" ...If "Virginia" was the only Bamboos record you ever heard, you would probably dismiss them out of hand. This is a song that just goes together horribly; like the Bam Balams these guys favor a country sound, but they have a darker, moodier feel to them that works best on some of their lp cuts. "Snuff" has some really gnarly sounding guitar and does a fair bit to atone for the shortcomings of the A side. ..." NKVD

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THE BAMBOOS Snuff/Virginia flac + covers

Enjoy it & leave comments if you like it !

Anonyme a dit…

got an LP and 7" by these guys. Anyone know how to convert flac to mp3?



Born killer & Rarer than rocking horse shit will be post today .
to convert flac to mp3:

RSquared a dit…

Thank you - Virginia is one of the best Aussie singles ever!

fingerhead a dit…

Thanks for this. I have a great needledrop that I did of the LP "Rarer Than Rocking Horse Shit", it's a really nice pressing for a mid-80s Perth release. I know it's a double A-side, but I think "Snuff" was the top side, considering they did a video for it.

Also found out that the vocal on the single is different to the one on the LP. LP version is also about 10 seconds longer.